Sewing Post ~ Vogue 9587 Part 2

I have to admit, that this week I spent more time gossiping and not a lot of time getting my sewing started. I have said before that it can take me a couple of months  to make a dress . . . I only just now realised that it could be due to me spending more time gossiping, then due to my skills just being slow. IMG-20130114-00292 This week I was able to (slowly) laying out the fabric and getting all the pieces on to the fabric and cutting out. Don’t ask me how long that took, for something SO simple, it took me a lot longer then it really should have.


Eventually I had all the pieces cut out and ready for the next part  . . . that was when the class finishes . . . I must do better next week. IMG-20130114-00295

Even though I was getting a lot of compliment on the fabric, I am honestly not sure if I like it anymore. I’m starting to think that I should have chosen a more bright colours, like a blue or rose/pink colour . . . I will stick with it for now, the great thing about sewing is that I can make the same pattern with lots of different fabric and colours.


Part one

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