Damn You Sewing Gods!

I was really looking forward to making this dress. The pattern isn’t too difficult and I know that I would have been able to finish the whole thing in 3 days (give or take a couple of days). But I don’t think the sewing gods like me at the moment, scratch that, the sewing gods completely hate me at the moment.


First I have the problem with the skirt that I wanted to make for the Make For Less Challenge. I say problem; both of my sewing machines either couldn’t or just plain refused to sew the pieces of fabric together. I had just about gotten over that, I didn’t go too crazy on the chocolate to cheer myself up. I had tried to see if I could find an alterative fabric that I could have used for that challenge . . . but no, nothing that I liked or looked similar to the Coast skirt. So I moved on and thought about sewing soothing else, I really wanted to sew something!

I had loved a black and white version of this dress that I made before, so was really looking forward to making this. This time I wanted to go with a really bright colour rather than black and white (kinda got bored with black because of the all the skirts that I made for work). I just wanted to go for one amazing block colour.
A quick dig in my fabric box and I thought the jade green would have looked stunning and was all ready to dedicate my Sunday to starting this dress. And I thought that I had just about enough of this fabric to make it . . . but I was just short, like 3cm sort! There was plenty of fabric for the front part of the dress (from the neck to the knees). But the skirt part was the problem. This dress is almost like a wrap dress, and there is a lot of fabric to the bottom part of the dress. I would have needed to cut two separate parts of the skirt.

So . . . After I watch the Formula 1 . . . What? I like F1! I went to my favourite fabric shop; Rolls & Rims; went to push the door open, and . . . nothing! The door wouldn’t open! I thought I was doing something wrong. I could still see people inside shopping; taking their time to browse, but it was locked! Thankfully a woman was coming out, so I thought that she would be able to figure out the mystery of how to open a door that I couldn’t. Only to realise that it was defiantly locked.

The member of staff took pity on me when I explained that I knew exactly what I needed; unlike the slow people already in the shop taking their time to have a really good browse. Even showing her the swatch of the fabric that I had brought with me and that it was for a dress I was making today. When I went to where I thought the fabric was, it wasn’t there! Now I was mostly calm up to this point, when I didn’t see it, I was in full panic mode. I literally started running around the shop to see if it had been moved. And heard the member of staff running back down the stairs to tell me she couldn’t see it either! I left, extra fabric-less. Clueless about what I would do next.

When I got home, chocolate was needed . . . a Cadburys Flake, if you were wondering. So, once again, my little sewing project will have to wait. Damn you sewing gods! I’m just considering if I should try to finish this sewing project or just move on to the next one, and hoping that I am able to finish it.
I am even considering giving up chocolate for a week if the sewing gods let me finish this one! . . . okay that might not have really worked out, I do need chocolate. And I have in the past forgotten that I had made a “no chocolate for a week” pact.
Fingers are crossed, chocolate will be kept in the cupboard for a week, one can hope.

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