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Preview Of The Spring/Summer 2014 Collection At New Look

I was lucky enough to get an invitation to go see a preview of the spring/summer collection that New Look was hosting. I have to be honest, I went there in more customer mode then in blogger mode. Myself and a group of other New Look obsessed customers were offered the chance to see the collection (even before the press) and were given little scanner to show what we liked and would be likely to buy next season.



I wanted to buy almost everything. There was too much to choose from. Ever since New Look opened, I have only really ever brought the clothes and shoes . . . I always thought the bags looked a little . . . cheap. I don’t buy jewellery from shops unless I know it is real silver, I just don’t do gold jewellery and I have never once thought about the underwear. But in this mini shop . . . I was like a women who has never been shopping in her life. Everything was new, amazing and beautiful. If everything in the mini shop was on sale, I would have easily spent a couple of hundred pounds on everything. It made me fall in love with New Look all over again.



Usually I can go to the Marble Arch store and find a few things in this random order; Things I must buy now, Things I really like now, will walk away from then come back to it and then it moves up on the order.  Things I think are pretty that might not suit me, shoes I must have in my life and I really should wait for the sale instead I will wait till I get home to order it online.



I rarely leave a New Look store without a bag in my hand. Yes there are other shops that I like, but no other store fills me with as much joy (or fills my wardrobe) like a New Look store does. I cannot wait for spring summer collection next year, I hope that the items I loved will make an appearance.



I managed to take a few cheeky pictures, here are some of my absolute favourite picks for the mini shop preview;



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