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Paris Couture Fashion Week . . . Au-delà Magnifique

I admit, that I have begged the Lottery Gods to let me have a couple of million, mostly so I could just buy some of my favourite designer dresses.

Alexis Mabille

Alexis Mabille - couture fall 14

I would easily give up chocolate for a month, which is very hard for me. Tried to give up chocolate for a week and suffered epic failure when I tried to brag to one of the guys I work with. “You will be proud of me; I haven’t had any chocolate so far this week”. His response was “I saw you eat two pieces of chocolate . . . in front of me . . . this morning”. The sad truth is, I did and didn’t even realise that I had.

Armani Privé

Armani Privé -fall 2013 couture.jpg3

Armani Privé -fall 2013 couture

Armani Privé -fall 2013 couture.jpg2

Or, I would stop bullying the short men I work with, this is even more difficult. One of my old bosses is just a little taller than me (I’m a proud average height for a woman). One day a tall, smartly dressed, posh and polite gentleman came to my section only to be told by me he was in the wrong store “Oh I’m frightfully sorry” (yes that was the very words he used . . . bless). I told him not to worry that it happens all the time. As this very kind gentleman walks away, my then boss says “I would love to be just like that when I’m his age”. My response, “What? . . . Tall”. I just couldn’t help myself, I even had time to think if I should say this or not. The Devilish side of me just couldn’t let it go. . . . So, stuff like that I would totally give up for a lotto win. And where would be my first stop . . . Paris.

Bouchra Jarrar

Bouchra Jarrar -fall 2013 couture.jpg2

Bouchra Jarrar

Thank god the French know how to dress a Woman, for the huge amount of disappointment I felt for the Men’s collection. The Women’s Couture Collection was breathtakingly stunning, real Oscar winner’s dresses. It had more wearable pieces and stunning dresses then what I used to seeing from the Couture collection.

Christian Dior

Christian Dior fall 2013 couture

Christian Dior

There were many highlights, the collections that stood out for me includes one of my favourite designers Elie Saab and the stunning collections from Yiqing Yin and Giambattista Valli were really beautiful and creative.

Elie Saab

Elie Saab fall 2013 coutureElie Saab fall 2013 couture.jpg2Elie Saab fall 2013 couture.jpg3Elie Saab fall 2013 couture.jpg4Elie Saab fall 2013 couture.jpg5Elie Saab fall 2013 couture.jpg6Elie Saab fall 2013 couture.jpg7Elie Saab fall 2013 couture.jpg8

Elie Saab

Georges Chakra

Georges Chakra couture collection fall 2013Georges Chakra couture collection fall 2013.jpg2Georges Chakra couture collection fall 2013.jpg3Georges Chakra couture collection fall 2013.jpg4

Georges Chakra

Giambattista Valli

Giambattista Valli fall2013 coutureGiambattista Valli fall2013 couture.jpg2Giambattista Valli fall2013 couture.jpg3Giambattista Valli fall2013 couture.jpg4Giambattista Valli fall2013 couture.jpg5Giambattista Valli


Valentino couture collection fall 2013


Yiqing Yin

Yiqing Yin couture collection fall 2013Yiqing Yin couture collection fall 2013.jpg2Yiqing Yin couture collection fall 2013.jpg3Yiqing Yin couture collection fall 2013.jpg4Yiqing Yin couture collection fall 2013.jpg5Yiqing Yin couture collection fall 2013.jpg6

Yiqing Yin

Also seeing the legend that is Naomi Campbell at the Versace collection, she looked beyond amazing. I can only wish and pray that I look half as good as she does in her 40’s. Of cause I would need to be a bit taller, but I can dream can’t I? In my books, no one else comes close to how amazing this woman is.


Versace couture collection 2013 fall

So thank you Paris for the stunning Couture Fashion week, almost make me forget about the Men’s Fashion Week . . . almost.

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