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New York Fashion Week Spring 2014

Finally . . . Fashion Week is back. It feels like ages since the last set. I got all excites I did a little dance for the fashion gods . . . OK; I didn’t do a little dance . . . more like a wiggle. But I love to see what art the designers will create. I can easily spend hours drooling over clothes that I currently can’t afford (come on lottery gods, I only need a couple of million to buy like 30 designer dress . . .  so please lottery gods, please).

So while I’m waiting for my miracle lottery win, I look for inspiration for what will (hopefully) appear on the high street next summer or what my average sewing skills can produce.

I have to be honest, I was a little disappointed . . . when I say a little, I’m totally lying, I was extremely disappointed. I was waiting for the WOW outfits, the wow dresses and the wow skirts. I didn’t get that feeling, most of the clothes in the collections that I saw, were very average, items that I have seen and loved from previous season and currently on the high street. I wanted to see something new and exciting, something that I would dream and aspire to have in my life. So here are my picks from New York Fashion Week Spring 2014.

Zimmermann 2Zimmermann

I really love the print of these two outfits from the Zimmermann collection. Also love the idea of a jumpsuit like this and the dress is very cute.


These two beautiful dresses from threeASFOUR are stunning and the second dress has a little interesting twist with the sleeve detail.

Robert Rodriguez-spring-2014.jpg1Robert Rodriguez-spring-2014Robert Rodriguez2.jpg3Robert Rodriguez2

I like the shapes of these outfits from Robert Rodriguez, I have seen this style before, but it does stand out from the other collections of New York Fashion Week.

 Monique Lhuillier2Monique Lhuillier3Monique Lhuillier1Monique Lhuillier

The collection from Monique Lhuillier is very pretty, I was hoping for more “wow” dresses from this designer, but there are still very lovely.

Jason Wu4Jason Wu2Jason Wu3Jason Wu

With the collection from Jason Wu, again there are lovely and pretty dresses. But the Jumpsuit . . . I really like it . . . but I have seen a very similar copy from Reiss . . . like over 3 years ago . . . awkward.  I’m not saying that Reiss is way ahead of the times; I’m just annoyed with myself that I didn’t buy it when I had the chance.

Hervé Léger6Hervé Léger5Hervé Léger4Hervé Léger3Hervé Léger2Hervé LégerHervé Léger1

OK, so I admit it. I am in love with Hervé Léger and love Bodycon! I am not at all ashamed for loving this collection. I wasn’t a fan of the prints that have been used in previous collection. All is forgiven now . . . I just need the corset belts in my life.

Christian Siriano3Christian Siriano2Christian Siriano1Christian Siriano

 Christian Siriano  . . . So, the top two outfits  . . . cute. The white dress . . . lovely. It’s all about the Yellow outfit. . . I LOVE IT! Some might not agree with me . . . but I just can’t help myself, I want it in every colour possible . . . and  . . . I’m gonna be honest, I think I could make that, not the trousers, I’m not that skilled. But, the top and the cape, easy.

Thank You New York . . . But I’m looking forward to London and Paris  . . . and of cause Milan.

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