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Maybe It’s Because I’m A Londoner ~ LFW

London Fashion week is now over, but what an amazing Fashion Week it was. For me, it was so much better than New York Fashion Week. Sorry New York, but in the battle for the most clothes that I need to have in my collection, London kicked the big apples ass. The little dance I did for the Fashion Week in New York was nowhere near as good as the ‘Hammer Time’ dance that I did after the amazing collections that I saw London produce. Only Paris maybe able to outshine London. But until then . . . Let’s have a look at the brilliant collections that came from London Fashion week;


Bora Aksu 1Bora Aksu

The collection from Bora Aksu was so cute, I love the dresses. The first is very simple, yet quite romantic and floaty. But the second . . . I want that whole outfit, the dress, the shoes . . . I might even dare wear the socks and I’m not a fan of white socks with open toes shoes. But I am so close to going out and buying a couple of pairs and raiding my shoe collection.

David Koma.jpg7David Koma.jpg8David Koma.jpg9David Koma4David Koma5David Koma6

There were so many outfits that I LOVED from David Koma, I spent most of the day trying to pick the best 4 . . . yes I totally failed! Could only get it down to 6. But how amazing are these 6 outfits! I’m not even a pink person, but loved the shape and the bold colours. My favourite are the top two blue dresses, my only ‘Erm’ is the third blue outfit, love the skirt, but, the top make it a little cheerleader, but I can forgive that . . . just.

Holly Fulton_ld_fw_ss_2014.jpg1Holly Fulton_ld_fw_ss_2014.jpg3Holly Fulton_ld_fw_ss_2014.jpg4Holly Fulton_ld_fw_ss_2014.jpg5

It is all about the colours and the prints from this collection from Holly Fulton. It’s very wearable but still makes a bold and feminine statement.

J. JS Lee

Ok, so this is an example that, not all the collections can be amazing. This AMAZING outfit, was the only outfit I like from J. JS Lee. It is all about the skirt, the colour, the texture of it . . . I need this in my life and would be more than happy to give up chocolate for at least a month to have it. It’s one of those things when I can’t help but think “I could never recreate this kind of awesomeness, but I must have it”.


Julien MacDonald 5Julien MacDonald 6Julien MacDonald 7Julien MacDonaldJulien MacDonald.jpg2Julien MacDonald.jpg3Julien MacDonald4

He might be a right diva on TV, but if Julien MacDonald keeps on making beautiful dress like these. Then you will never get any complaints from me. Julien MacDonald brought the WOW to London, the jaw droppers and most importantly . . . the sparkle! The top pick from this collection, has to be the sequinned Jumpsuit. All the previous clothes that, seconds ago, I was saying I would want and need in my wardrobe . . . forget those. If only I could spend just one day in this.

L'Wren ScottL'Wren Scott.jpg1L'Wren Scott 2 L'Wren Scott 3 L'Wren Scott 4

Thank you L’Wren Scott, for bring back the Geisha style. I love everything about this style and how L’Wren Scott recreates it. From the Obi Belts in all different shapes, colours and fabrics. The bold and beautifully bright colours, to the shoes that I would easily fall flat on my face in . . . I even love the umbrellas. And the white dresses are beyond stunning, these two dresses along deserve a “Break it down” from MC Hammer’s Can’t Touch This!

Tom Ford.jpg3Tom Ford.jpg1.jpg2Tom Ford.jpg1Tom Ford

I’m going to be honest . . . didn’t love the clothes from the collection from Tom Ford . . . but . . . The shoes . . . A . . . MAZ . . ING !!!!
I had to look though the collection three times, because I kept on drooling over the shoes. I can’t even remember what the clothes looked like. All I can see are these shoes . . . along with the jumpsuit from Julien MacDonald, I need these in my life! Would I dare wear them? . . . NO! Because art like these shoes should just be admired, framed even! Especially the first ones. They are stunning! These shoes along, knock NYFW out of Central Park.

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