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Kardashian’s Breaks Up With Dorothy Perkins & Joins Lipsy

Last week, I found out, via Tweeter may I add (who knew that you could get so much from social media?) That the Kardashian’s are going to join stylish forces with Lipsy. And will bring out a collection in October, leaving Dorothy Perkins after less than a year.

So far, the only information that has come out about the new collection with Lipsy is that it will have a “more luxurious feel” and will have a higher price range.

Also the new collection with incorporate each of their individual styles, with sequined biker jackets, lace jumpsuits, stylish blazers and evening dresses. All of this sounds amazing, very similar to what the collection they had with Dorothy Perkins. Guess we will have to wait and see what this new collection with Lipsy will look and feel like.

Kardashian-Kollection-gold dress-

I admit that I am having mixed feelings about this news. I liked the price range of the Kardashian collection while it was at Dorothy Perkins, more so when it was the sale prices, the only Kardashian item I brought was the same gold body con dress that Kim is wearing in the above picture. But the rest of the collection itself kind of was a let it down for me, not really the design of the clothes, just the fabrics that they used, it was the only thing that let the collection down. That was probably why the prices were so reasonable, they used polyester and viscose for almost everything, cheap fabrics. But I did like that it was available in every Dorothy Perkins and BHS store, I can’t think of a location for one Lipsy store, can you? I know that Lipsy is available in some stores, but I can’t think of a location for stand-alone Lipsy stores. **Kardashian Kollection for Lipsy will be sold at Lipsy London retail and franchise outlets, as well as online at, and House of Fraser.**

But in a way, I glad that Lipsy are going to make the collection with (hopefully) better fabrics, but how much higher will the prices be?

I don’t understand why the Kardashian’s just don’t open their own Dash store in London, with great quality clothes at a reasonable price . . . Just saying.

Guess we will have to just wait and see.

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