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I think I’m a Shopaholic ?

While browsing through the Metro Newspaper, an article caught my attention, apparently 4 out of 10 women are retail junkies. In this article, it mentioned a lot of things that rang alarm bells in my head:

– Do you spend hours rifling clothes rails searching for the perfect dress . . . Yes and online.

– Is your ideal Saturday searching the high street for bargains . . . yes, but not only clothes, I tend to buy quite a few things for my home. If its pretty and a reasonable price, I’m highly likely to buy it.

– After shopping to the point where you could drop, do you hide the price tags on the purchases so your spouse can’t see what the total cost is . . .   I never drop, and I just hide the items altogether, they can’t guess the price if they can’t see what you have brought in the first place.

Cream Throw from Ikea £16Grey Throw TKMaxx £19.99
Cream Throw from Ikea £16
Grey Throw TKMaxx £19.99
Miss Selfridge Skirt £35
Miss Selfridge Skirt £35

If most or all your answers where yes or just like mine, then you too many be addicted to shopping. Also, according to this article, 58% of women polled admitted that they shop for beauty products once or twice a week. And 3% said they do this everyday . . . these are the women that were brave enough to admit this! I’m sure there are a lot more women who find themselves wondering into shops to just buy a bottle of water and come out with bags of beauty product because the items were discounted. I did that just this weekend, damn you Boots and your 3 for the price of 2! I ended up buying products from a brand I don’t even use!

Kindle Fire HD £199 John Lewis
Kindle Fire HD £199 John Lewis
T-shirt  New Look £9.99
T-shirt New Look £9.99

I didn’t realise how bad my Auto-Pilot shopping was, last month, was my birthday, and my friends and family were asking me what I would like. I have one of those wish lists on Amazon so was telling everyone to look on there. It wasn’t until my friends were telling me off for having such a short wish list, when I realised the reasons why it was so short. I had been shopping on auto-pilot for weeks. I was buying items that I had wanted or had thought about getting and instead of putting those items on this wish list, saving my own money, I would go and buy them. It wasn’t until I really thought about my shopping that I realised how bad it really was.

Bag Next £25

My way of shopping seems to go like this: ” see it, its pretty, I need one, must buy now, don’t even worry about the credit card, that’s what they are for! buy buy buy!” I don’t stop to think “do I really need this in my life?”

Jewellery Box TKMAXX £19.99

But for some reason, this little voice of reason seems to only wake up when my friends start to go a bit overboard with their shopping. I will actually sit there and tell them off about their over spending, I can’t help myself. A couple of weeks ago, I heard myself tell one of my work friends that he needs to speak to someone about his shopping habits . . . How evil am I!

So from now on . . . ok, I’ll try to make it to at least the end of the year, to only shop for the things that I REALLY need (that will not include shoes or bags). I need to avoid the pretty things and not go into the shops that make me want to spend all my money. Money has to go into some kind of savings . . . . or  . . . I could put all the money toward an epic shopping trip in Thailand !

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