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I Like A Bargin, But I Love Shoes More

The Shopaholic Returns

Having recently confessed to my addition to shopping, I feel that I have cut my secret trips to the shops to a normal level (like 2-3 trips to the shop, and a couple of clicks on the internet).

I may have to add one more item to the list of signs to look out for.

– Trying to convince yourself to keep a pair of shoes, despite many obvious reasons you should just return it.



I brought these pair of shoes. The original price on the box was £75, I got them for the bargain price of £19 . . . Yes £19! Granted, they are Lipsy shoes, and I would never pay more the £20 for a pair of theirs shoes. In all honestly, this is my first pair of Lipsy shoes. And bit more honesty, I didn’t find these shoes myself, a customer had refunded them . . . and I fell in Love.



But there is one tiny problem  . . . I can’t walk in them . . . correction, I can take 2 steps in then, before I fall down. You would think that the shoes being a wedge heel, that it would be so easy to walk in. That’s where I went wrong.


Now, I don’t need another pair of shoes that I buy and then tuck them in the bottom of my wardrobe. Yet another pair of shoes that doesn’t see the carpet in my room, let alone concrete.




But is the price alone good enough reason alone for them to stay in my shoes collection?



This is where my head and heart would come to blows and I would end up returning the shoes. But this time, they are in completely agreement, my heart reminding me that the shoes are so cute and there will one day be something that I will need them for. My head reminds me that the shoe were a steal at the price. Then both of them tell me that they look a lot like Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, just without the massive price tag, that kinda make me want to cry when I look at it.


And despite the cuteness of the shoes, they hurt! They hurt to put them on, they hurt to take 2 steps and the fall definitely hurt. And no one ever looks cute having just fallen on the floor.


But I can’t muscle up the courage to take them back, I could always have another pair of car shoes . . . but  . . . then I have to remind myself, you have to get to the car first. Can’t really expect the carried to and from the car . . . it’s an idea though.


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