H&M, Bringing Positive Changes To The High Street

It seems like H&M is really trying change their image. For months, I’ve been waiting to get into their new Flag Ship Store on Oxford Street. Well . . . It’s bigger, with a lot more floor space. I don’t know about you, but I always needed to go into that shop completely relaxed, but would still come out stressed and annoyed because I felt cramped and constantly bumping into things (and people).
Secondly the new H&M Conscious Collection. It is really good to see that H&M are changing the way their clothes are made. Recently, there have been quite a few stories in the media about sweat shops and the conditions people have to work in and the tragedies that have happened. So this is a much need change in the fashion industry, I just wish that this development was happening throughout the whole store, with all their clothes.

But I love the fact that the prices are still low and affordable, and some of the clothes are made in the UK, so there isn’t a reason that H&M can’t roll this out in the whole company.

Another brilliant idea that H&M have introduced is Garment Collection. You can go into store with a bag of your old clothes that you no longer love and get a £5 voucher to redeem on your next purchase, over £30. It doesn’t have to be just old H&M clothes, I’m pretty sure that a lot of us have plenty of old Primark clothes that was good for one season, but not so much now.
But before you start raiding your wardrobe and start stuffing 12 bags of old clothes you’re dying to get rid of, it’s a 2 shopping bags limit per day. Let’s be honest, it would be very difficult getting on the tube with those 12 bags anyway. Also H&M will donate to local charities and invest in new ways to recycle in the future.

It’s great to see the many different ways that H&M are thinking of the planet, people and ways for us to be more responsible with what we buy and wear.
My only complaint about the store is, with all the floors in the flag-ship store, there was no room for their tiny Home collection.

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