Healthy Models To Be Used By H&M

Beyonce for H&M

I was shocked to hear that H&M will finally be using Healthy Models for their ads and campaigns.

Its great news, it’s like H&M have finally realised that women who are curvy, have money too. For a long time H&M have had a selection of clothes for a fuller figure, but I can’t remember seeing it advertised on television or in magazines. Apart from M&S, I can’t think of any other major retailer who has used Healthy Model.



But I have to say that H&M seem to really want to make a stand, and make positive changes not just for their company, but for the world, and for women. There have been many changes in the last couple of months from this company. They support the charity WaterAid, encourage everyone to recycle our old clothes, created the Conscious Collection and managed to get Beyoncé to do a collaboration with them. It’s been a busy year for the high street chain.

Could this all be because of Beyoncé? She looked amazing in the photo’s for the Mrs Carter for H&M Collection, but there have been rumours that, Beyoncé wasn’t happy that some (maybe even all) of the photos from the Mrs Carter at H&M shoot, were retouched, and she insisted that H&M should use only natural images.

Think I have a lot more respect for both Beyoncé and H&M, can’t wait to see what will happen next.

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