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Crazy Things That Sale Make You Do

Sale season doesn’t come around often, but I don’t know if I should fear them or love them. The love comes when I get to buy all those things that I know I can’t afford and my credit card would just hate me for buying. And hate, because it gets too busy, like crazy busy! And some customer  . . . I just don’t have the words for some on the customers that I have to deal with . . . I’ll put it this way, with the good, come the really evil. Let’s just say that the past couple of weeks have been exhausting physically and mentally.


My days off have been spent with my feet up, who knew that after a full night’s sleep, if you have been working hard for way too many hours, your feet will still hurt the next morning. That’s where shopping on the internet comes in so handy, thank you internet gods! Thanks to you, my credit card doesn’t feel ignored.

And I have to admit, that I have been very good this sale season, I haven’t kept everything because it’s a bargain, I’ve returned all the item that were not worthy of staying in my collection.  And of cause the majority of the clothes I brought were from New Look, love that shop!

But I can’t say the same for one of my friends at work. She has been obsessing over a dress from Whistles that was originally £95 – too much in my eyes for a Jersey Dress, even if it is from Whistles! But it had gone down in price to a reasonable £45. She did the right thing a tried it on, but felt that the tulip shape of the dress, made her hips look wider, so tried to push the dress out of her mind and put it back.

Unfortunately this didn’t stop her from stalking the dress on the internet! And from asking everyone for permission to buy the dress. When she came to ask me for my advice . . . it’s times like this when I give amazing advice to someone else, but don’t really follow myself. “Don’t buy it, save your money to buy a designer bag, don’t buy it and then let it just live in your wardrobe, do you really need it?”

But I hadn’t realised that it was too late to save her, she had fallen in love with the dress. She has told me to wait till I have seen it on her, but as the ‘fashion person’ she wanted my advice. At one point she even begged and pleaded with me to let her buy it. I of cause said no! I’m kind of evil like that. But didn’t admit to her that in the last week, I had ordered lot of clothes from New Look, went to John Lewis and brought 3 Reiss dresses (2 are the same, just different sizes) and am planning to pop into the Reiss store on Market Place and John Lewis.

 . . . She went on to buy that dress, on my day off! Sneaky.

So take my advice, just don’t expect this shopaholic to lead by example.

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