Beyoncé Collection For H&M

I don’t think that I am the only person to see Beyoncé wearing something and think  “I need her wardrobe”.  Beyoncé is one of the few women that I admire and feel I can relate to fashion-wise, because she and some other celebrities, represent women with curves and are proud of them. I have a similar body type to Beyoncé, so I actually really need her wardrobe in my life. I promise, I will do Wii yoga and that fake jogging for just half of Beyoncé’s wardrobe, just half!

So imaging my sheer delight (another celebration with fudge cake) when I found out that Beyoncé will have a collection with H&M, it’s called the ‘Beyoncé as Mrs Carter in H&M‘ with the idea that “all women can be all things: strong, vulnerable, sensual, maternal, fun and flirtatious” This collection sounds exciting, covering all basis of being a strong women.

Parts of the collection that I’m looking forward to seeing is of cause, the Body Con Dress (can NEVER have too many of those). And the Statement Summer dresses, I can only guess will contain a few Maxi Dresses along with casual day time dresses with bright colours. And it wouldn’t be summer without swim wear.

But Beyoncé isn’t just posing in the pictures for this collection, she also had a hand in the design of the collection, bringing in her brilliant sense of style.

The Beyoncé as Mrs Carter in H&M will be available in stores and online worldwide from the 2nd May. . . I can’t wait.

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