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And I Thought Paris Could Do No Wrong ~ Paris Fashion Week

You know that feeling, when you are really looking forward to something, your high expectations are seriously high and you just assume that it will be amazing. I had that feeling before I saw Mr & Mrs Smith, before I saw the first lot of X-Men Movies and when I went to see the last Matrix movie  . . .  and with all of those, it very quickly turned to the most extreme level of disappointment that I have ever had in my life. I felt that again with the collections from Paris Spring 2014 Fashion Week.

I had expected Paris to really show the world how a fashion week should be done. How can a place that bring the amazingness of Couture Fashion week, but produce a really terrible Men’s Collection and then . . .  disappointment for the Women’s collection.

I feel like I have to say a massive apology to New York Fashion Week, Yes, London and Milan were a lot better. But  . . . and it actually hurts to say this, but  . . .  New York completely out-shined Paris  . . . Paris, the county that brought the world Croissants, Crêpes, Tarte Tatin and Couture darling. All of those amazing things, but produce a disappointing fashion week. It did get a little better by the end of the week, but only a hand full of designers was about to put a smile on my face, the whole week should have been full of beautiful, inspirational and red carpet perfection on the runway. Thank the fashion gods for Elie Saab, Valentine Yudashkin and Balmain for getting my fashion taste buds tingling.

Valentin YudashkinValentin Yudashkin 7Valentin Yudashkin 6Valentin Yudashkin 5Valentin Yudashkin 3Valentin Yudashkin 1Valentin Yudashkin  4Valentin Yudashkin  2

This collection from Valentin Yudashkin is maybe one of my absolute favourites from all the major collections. I’m not usually a fan of yellow, but love it in this collection. All the gold dresses give this powerful vibe. If I was a celebrity and was to go to the Oscars. I would have to choose my dress from this designer.

Lie Sang BongLie Sang Bong 1

I don’t think that I have hidden the fact that I’m kinda obsessed with Laser Cut items. I plan to eventually try to make something one day. So it’s kinda built into my mind that anything Laser Cut, I will just love. Here is another good example of something that I love, this dress from Lie Sang Bong. I really need it in my life, might try and make it  . . .  oh and the blue dress is really lovely also.

Elie SaabElie Saab 9Elie Saab 8Elie Saab 7Elie Saab 6Elie Saab 5Elie Saab 4Elie Saab 3Elie Saab 2Elie Saab 1

Elie Saab, is one of my absolute favourite designers, it’s rare that I will not like what he has created. The detail in many of the dresses is amazing, the colours are always bold and stunning. If only I had one of these dresses in my life, just to stare at it.

Collette DinniganCollette Dinnigan 4Collette Dinnigan 3Collette Dinnigan 1

This is probably the most wearable collection from Paris Fashion Week by Collette Dinnigan. It is still stunning and beautiful and I could (and totally would) wear them anywhere. The navy Maxi Dresses are stunning, the white dress is seriously chic, yet simple. That theme goes through the whole collection, outfits that can be worn season after season.


BalmainBalmain 4Balmain 3Balmain 2

I love love love the shapes of these dresses and skirts from Balmain, my favourite of Paris Fashion Week and maybe from all the previous Fashion Weeks. A new take on the Pencil Skirt.

Of all Fashion Weeks I’ve mentioned in this blog, I think Wimbledon Fashion Week was the best.

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