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The Davina’s Devilish Delights Sexiest Men Post ~ Part 4

We are getting close to the final part of my Sexiest Men post, this is where it will get a bit more interesting.

39 ~ Will Demps


If only football players were this good-looking in the UK, I wouldn’t complain at all if my friends made me watch it. All the hot football stars seem to be only in America; playing American football . . . I might have actually stayed up to watch the Super Bowl if I knew what I was missing!

Will Demps is a former American football safety (don’t ask me to explain what a safety is, it’s like asking me what the off side rule is! Why is it a rule and why should I pretend to care).

Will Demp’s can speak Korean and he can speak Spanish! Can you image, that would be just too much for me to cope with. But to add more to how great Will is, he is the owner of a daiquiri bar! Which looks like is has seriously amazing food. Pity it is only in America. And so is Will.


38 ~ Rafael Amaya

Rafael Amaya

One of my friends asked me if Rafael Nadal was going to be on my list . . . no, this is the only Rafael I will have on my list. Rafael is classically good-looking. Of cause Rafael is a model, but he is also actor and more amazing, he is a singer. I would love to have Rafael sing to me . . . let me just continue that thought for a few more minutes.


37 ~ Aaron O’Connell


Aaron O’Connell is an American model and has worked with companies like Lucky Brand and Abercrombie & Fitch. I know that was kinda obvious right, how could he not have modeled for Abercrombie & Fitch, he looks amazing.

And Aaron has appeared in magazines like French and German Vogue, apart from being a model, Aaron is also an actor for the Tyler Perry soap The Have and the Have Nots. Fingers crossed that show comes to the UK. Can you imagine if Aaron would appear on the show like this picture every week . . .  I’m just going to imagine that for a little bit.


36 ~ Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy 1

Tom Hardy is just one of those actors that can become anything for a film role, I’m mostly thinking about when Tom bulked up for Bronson and for The Dark Knight Rises. Even though in The Dark Knight Rises, Tom was wearing that strange mask, you can’t help but notice everything else. And also the mustache in Bronson, I can completely forget that, because I focused on other things. If you haven’t seen some of Tom Hardy’s films where he looks amazing, then the best way I can say this is, Tom Hardy is able to reveal muscles that I didn’t know men could have. The fact that he is an amazing actor is the very big cherry on top.


35 ~ Jarrod Scott

Jarrod Scott - Vogue Homme

OK, so the main reason that I have put Jarrod in the top 40 could be because he has an incredible body . . . but in my defence, he has an INCREDIBLE HOT BODY! And he looks amazing in the Jean Paul Gaultier ads, that advert is easily my second favourite advert with a male model. Because of those adverts I thought Jarrod might have been French, but no, he is, wait for it, Australian!!! . . . Honestly I didn’t know when I added Jarrod to my list, I know, even with a name like Jarrod Scott! But Jarrod was also on French Vogue. I can’t help but like Australian men . . . can you blame me! But even more reasons why I had to have Jarrod on my list, he is a man after my own heart, he love Nutella and also loves to cook . . . seriously, I need to meet this man!


34 ~ David McIntosh

David McIntosh1

I have to admit, I wasn’t sure if I should really add David McIntosh to my list. I wanted to add David because of the pack (almost an 8), the arms (seriously amazing) and the tattoos (yum). The reason I wasn’t sure I wanted to add him . . . he is kinda . . . too good-looking. But the Tattoos totally won me over! So he made the list. David was also a Royal Marine Commando, served in quite a few countries including Afghanistan and Northern Ireland. Also, David appeared in sky TV show Gladiators, yes, I wish I had watched it too.


33 ~ Leonardo Dicaprio

leonardo dicaprio

I loved the movie Titanic, but I wasn’t one of those girls who went to see it because Leonardo Dicarpro was in it. I really didn’t find Leonardo attractive back then. He was skinny, the hair was too Adam Rickitt (google images if you don’t know) for my liking. But, wow he has improved with age. The hair is so much better, he is no longer skinny . . . Leo just looks hot now!  . . . Yea, I kinda love him now, think I’ve turned into one of those girls . . . for Leo, I don’t mind being one of those girls.

It would take me forever to go though all the amazing films that Leo has been in, My absolute favourite is Inception . . . oh, and The Departed, The Man in the Iron Mask . . . there are so many good films that Leo has been in. In my opinion, Leo is one of the best actors to have never been given an Oscar. Fingers crossed that this year will be the year.


32 ~ Antonio Navas

Antonio-Navas (

Antonio . . . ooohhhh that’s a nice name. I think I’ve loved that name since a terrible but must see show called Sunset Beach was on TV. But that name is too sexy, and this man really does suit that name. Antonio is from Spain and has worked for many brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior and Guess.


31 ~ Jensen Ackles

jensen ackles

Jensen is one of the two reasons why I love watching Supernatural, apart from the fact that it is a really good show. And I’m one of those people who just can’t watch anything with even a hint of scary . . . but because of the two main actors in the show, I would watch anything. This picture isn’t even a recent picture, it would have been cruel of me not to have this picture for Jensen. And it does the job of really showing why Jensen really needs to be on my list. . . Not even a 6 pack, that’s an 8 pack! I was so focused on the pack, that I forgot to mention that Jensen is an American actor. I know, I’m upset that he doesn’t live in the UK too.


30 ~ Sean O’Pry


Sean O’Pry is a very hot model! Do I really need to say anything else. Didn’t think so. But I will, Sean has worked with nearly every great designer for campaigns and on the runway, like Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, DKNY. Sean has been on the cover of a lot of magazines, you might recognise Sean from that really hot picture for that Spice Bomb fragrance, Yes! That’s the same hot guy! But what you don’t see in that advert is that he has these amazing blue eyes, just google him.


29 ~ Adam Senn

Adam Senn

Adam is best known for leaning himself against a massive stone wall and looking yummy in a Dolce & Gabbana ad. Apart from being one of Dolce & Gabbana’s favourite male models. Adam has also appeared in runway shows for Viktor & Rolf and has appeared on the cover of Vogue Hombre. I was surprised to find out that even though Adam lives in America, he was born in France. And that seems to be a major influence in his restaurant, yes, he owns a restaurant! And by the looks of the dessert menu, I need to add that to my Bucket List of places I Need to visit when I go to New York . . . Is it too much to hope that Adam would be there too . . . yea, I thought so.


28 ~ Eric Belanger


I will be completely honest; I found Eric Belanger though google. (All I know about him, mostly because there is very little information about him) is that Eric is from Canada. I think I just have a type, because I only just realised that he looks like someone else on my list, like part of my top 10. But I from going though the parts of the list that I have already publish . . . and there is a little theme going on . . . awkward.


27 ~ Taylor Kinney


Lucky Lady Gaga! Not only am I jealous that she gets loads of clothes from Versace! But she is dating Taylor! I noticed Taylor when he appeared in The Vampire Diaries, he was only in the show for a short time, but it was a lasting impression. Because when I heard Taylor was going to be in TV show Chicago Fire, think I even did a little dance to celebrate. He wears a fireman outfit!


26 ~ Ben Hill

ben hill

This is probably one of my favourite photos, not just because of American model Ben Hill, it’s just a stunning picture. Ben is not the most muscular of the men on my list, but look at that face, how could I not add him onto my list.

Ben Hill is one of my favourite male models, he has been around for a while and has appeared in Vogue China, Vogue Australia, GQ magazine and on the cover of ELLE Men magazine.


25 ~ Rob Evans


I don’t know about Rob Evans, until I saw Rob on America’s Next Top Model, LOVE THAT SHOW. And the fact that one of the judges, looks this good . . .  icing on a super awesome cake. And it wasn’t until I saw Top Model that I found out that Rob is from the UK. . . seriously,  where was he hiding!

Before becoming a model, Rob wanted to become a boxer, but, thankfully, the model bug caught him. I don’t think that I’m the only one who thinks Rob and Tyra Banks would be perfect together . . . lets ignore the age gap.


24 ~ Jared Padalecki


Jared appeared in one of my all time favourite TV show, The Gilmore Girls, if you watched that show, you must have been like me and always and still do think that Rori should have always been with Jared character Dean. Why would she choose that scrawny Jess over tall and gorgeous Dean! I’m still haven’t forgiven the shows writers for that. But if Rori and Dean didn’t break up, then Jared might not have gone on to star alongside number 31, Jensen, in the show that I will now refer to as “that show with the two hot brothers”. For Me Jensen is the funny one and Jared is the sexy one. But both are seriously sexy, they don’t do topless often, but they are funny together.


23 ~ Jason Momoa

shirtless jason momoa conan

I remember first seeing Jason on a Tv show called Stargate . . . ok, so I admit, I’m a little bit of a Sci-Fi geek, when I say a bit, I’m totally lying, I’ve watch and loved the most of the Star Trek TV shows. I loved the most recent version of Battlestar Galactica. But look what happens when you are a Sci-Fi geek, actors like Jason Momoa pop up in these shows. He was good in Stargate Atlantis, but then Games of Thrones starts . . . shame he was only in it for one season. Hint Hint Games of Thrones people, he made the season a lot more interesting . . . even though he didn’t say anything in English . . . he was just hot in it ok.

Jason has also appeared in Conan the Barbarian and he is from Hawaii, that in itself is very sexy, the Hawaii bit, not the Conan the Barbarian bit.


22  ~ Chris Hemsworth


Watch, no, just buy the dvds of Thor, Rush and The Avengers. Chris Hemsworth is hot in any film he is in!

Chris is the older (and in my opinion) hotter brother of Liam Hemsworth and most importantly (and I know I kinda go on about this, it’s just an important factor for me) is Australian! I just love his voice, with that accent  . . . swoon and in the Thor costume, extra swoon! I am able to completely ignore that long hair that they made him grow. The muscles that that costume shows off  . . . I don’t even remember who else is in that film right now.


21 ~ Channing Tatum

gi joe 100809

Not only does Channing Tatum have an AMAZING BODY. Channing was a dancer then a model and then became an actor, he is also a film producer. That is really multi-talented. I remember being very impressed with his moves on Step Up. I haven’t seen Magic Mike yet, but am thinking of getting that as a belated birthday gift for myself.

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