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The Davina’s Devilish Delights Sexiest Men Post ~ Part 3

This is turning into one of my favourite post so far, all this research, spending time drooling, I mean admiring the pictures of all these amazing men and finding out a lot things about them. But also it’s the new discoveries. Finding these hot men that I didn’t even know about. A few of them are mentioned in this post, enjoy.

59 ~ Lance Gross


Ok . . . so I didn’t know of Lance Gross before I started doing . . . research for this post. But after doing some actual research, I found out the Lance is an actor and has appeared in Eve and The Bernie Mac Show . . . so I might have seen him in one of those shows . . . I think . . . I might have to buy Eve on dvd just to be sure. Isn’t he good-looking though.


58 ~ Common


There are SO many reasons why I just love this man, Common is an amazing music artist with this most beautiful voice ever! Common has also appears in a lot of films like Wanted, Street Kings, Brown Sugar and American Gangster the list goes on. But Common is so Beautiful! Everything about him. Lets forget about those “Best Smile” thing that I was going on about before. Lets scrape that for the “Most Kissable Lips” . . . Common is currently number 1 on that list.


57 ~ Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton

The last of my Formula 1 eye candy, if you were thinking that Sebastian Vettle was going to be on my list . . . hell no! And Alonso is too short and I love Paul De Resta, but he is more sweet than eye candy. But Lewis Hamilton, I love him for many reasons; like he is the more honest and real person in formula 1, if he isn’t say it, his face reveals all! The drama that always seem to be surrounding him, oh the drama is like a TV show. Anyway, Lewis Hamilton is very good-looking, I can’t help but feel jealous of his girlfriend, she has the amazing hair and the hot boyfriends.

I can’t help but admire the massive changes that he has made in formula one too. Breaking barriers and achieve some amazing first, how could Lewis Hamilton not be on my list. Plus his family is from Grenada!!


56 ~ Nathan Owens


Yea, I had no idea who this hot man was when I first saw a picture of him, Well Mr Nathan Owens is a model and actor, he appeared in one of those American soaps, I was too distracted to find out the name of the show, it was one of those (Joey from Friends reference) smell the fart acting shows. But lets focus on how stunningly hot this man is. I highly recommend a quick google images search on Nathan, the pictures just keep getting better.


55 ~ Taye Diggs

Taye Diggs

I have been kinda in love with Taye Diggs since he was in a film called Brown Sugar (the same film that Common was in too) that was seriously good film, will have to watch that again soon. I can barely remember what that film was really about, but the fact that both Common and Taye Diggs were in this film you can understand that I was a little distracted.

Because of this picture of Taye Diggs, I will have to bring back that “Beautiful Smile” mini list I had going on in this massive list. Taye has a seriously BEAUTIFUL smile, sorry Darren Sharper you have been moved to 3rd place! I don’ even need to see Taye Diggs’ body . . . but I highly recommend doing a little google images search on Taye’s body, the only word that I can say, that best describes Taye Diggs body is . . .DAMN!

I kinda forgot to mention that Taye Diggs is a really good actor who has appeared in a Broadway musicals like Rent, TV shows like Private Practice and other shows that I really can’t remember right now cause I keep getting distracted by that smile . . .


54 ~ Michael Fassbender


As if I needed another reason to see 300, but apparently Michael Fassbender is in 300! Clearly for research purposes I will have to watch that entire film all over again, maybe twice just to be sure.


53 ~ David Beckham

david beckham

David Beckham is the ONLY football player on my list . . . that I am sure is actually a football player. I just don’t follow the sport so if another footballer creeps on to my list. David Beckham is the only one I can be bothered to remember his name. 1, because his wife is Victoria Beckham the fashion designer (yes I will totally ignore the whole spice girls thing). But even though I don’t do football I couldn’t help but notice David Beckham, he had always been cute, But he looks (and sounds) better now, the tattoos, the 6 pack, even the beard is sexy. . . He looks seriously good in this picture, doesn’t he.


52 ~ Henry Simmons


Henry Simmons . . . words fail me to describe how fine this man is, even with the t-shirt, you can tell that there is only beauty underneath . . . yum . . . so Henry is an actor . . . look at that smile . . . yum again.

Henry has appeared in many TV shows like NYPD Blue, Shark and Ravenswood . . . Can we just focus on his lips for a minute and can you believe that Henry is in his 40’s, he looks good doesn’t he, I’m just gonna look at this picture for like one more minute. . . omg, those arms.


51 ~ Columbus Short


Thank you Sandra Rhimes for creating great shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and my absolute favourite show ever, Scandal. And thank you Sandra for selecting brilliant actors and also picking people who can act and are nice to look at, especially in Grey’s Anatomy. With a name like Columbus, you kinda have to be good at some thing and be known in at least one field of media. But Columbus is one of those men that just seem to be good at everything. He is a dancer, not only has he danced, he has acted in a couple of films, he has appeared in both Stomp the Yard movies, You Got Served and Save The Last Dance 2. With those dancing films done, Columbus has created all the choreography for one of Britney Spears’ tours! To add more to how amazing Columbus is, he is also a singer!


50 ~ Matt Bomer

matt bomer

Aw Matt Bomer . . . he kinda looks a bit like Henry Carvil doesn’t he? Especially in this picture, with those arms and that little beard. I’ve noticed Matt in quite a few shows, he is kinda hard to miss. Henry was in Tru Calling, yes; I watched that show, I even liked it and have it on dvd. White Collar and my favourite comedy spy show; Chuck. But most importantly, Matt was in Magic Mike! I haven’t seen that film yet, but when I found out that Matt is in it, well that film will go on my wish list, I have no idea about any form of plot that it might have, but if it has Matt Bomer, playing a male stripper, then that makes me very interested.


49 ~ Mehcad Brooks

mehcad brooks

After the good times of when Jessie Metcalf was on the show, Desperate Housewives brought Mehcad on to the show . . . I’m pretty sure he has an eight pack . . . I think Desperate Housewives was the first show that I saw Medcad, you can’t miss him can you. Then the next show I remember him on was True Blood, a truly stand out performance on that show and the highlight of that strange second season. Mehcad in on my list because of that seriously cute smile and of cause, the best abs on my list, or maybe his whole body . . . yummy.


48 ~ Mario Lopez


I have had a tiny crush on Mario Lopez since he was A.C Slater in Saved By The Bell! Even with that dodgy curly perm, but boy has he improved with age. Mario is 40 years old now, his face looks exactly the same, the curly perm hair has gone and the body had just got better and better. And lets not forget that amazing smile of his! Apart from Saved By The Bell, Mario has been very busy hosting and acting on many TV shows like X-Factor, My favourite dance show (even before Strictly Come Dancing) America’s Best Dance Crew and at the same time hosting Extra. Mario has also acted in many films like Get Him To The Greek and Honey 2. As well as writing three books, one on fitness, a children’s book and a cook book. Could Mario get any better? He cooks, he has an amazing smile and that body too . . .


47 ~ Morris Chestnut


Morris has such a beautiful smile, I’ve lost count of who is in the mini “Beautiful Smile” list, too many hot men with smiles that can make knees weak! The two stand out films that I remember seeing Morris in are Two Can Play That Game and The Brothers, I highly recommend everyone to see Two Can Play That Game, it is brilliant and funny and Morris is unforgettable in that role. Love him.


46 ~ Jason Lewis


Jason Lewis . . . I fell in love with him when he was in Sex And The City. Wasn’t feeling the long hair on him, but that is why I choose this picture. And only Mark Webber can compete when it comes to a seriously chiselled features.


45 ~ Boris Kodjoe


Can you imagine Boris whispering in your ear French or Spanish . . . Wouldn’t that would be Heaven. Boris also speaks fluent German, but for me Spanish sounds a lot more sexy than German. So in my mind Boris is only speaking Spanish! I can remember Boris in Brown Sugar, but most recently I love watching Boris on The Real Husbands of Hollywood.

The original picture that had picked out for this list was Boris in a suit, he looked good in a suit, but he looks even better out of one. Definitely worth a long google images search. If you hadn’t guessed already, before he started acting, Boris used to model.


44 ~ Daniel Conn


It’s been a while that some one with tattoos has appeared on my list. With all the tattoos that Daniel has, I think that is more than enough this week.

Daniel used to play Rugby, guess where . . . of cause its Australia! I don’t really care about the other rugby countries, Australia and New Zealand have the hottest men playing for them! Daniel is now a models, he definitely ticks all my boxes, tattoos, muscles and an aussie! Love.


43 ~ Tyson Ballou


I can’t believe that Tyson is 37 years old, he looks like he could be easily in his 20’s. Tyson is a VERY successful model, he has worked with basically all the big brands and the designers. And he looks very good in this suit, it doesn’t need the shirt really does it. I think this should be a new trend, Tyson should only go out like this. No complaints from me.


42 ~ Tyrese Gibson


Tyrese is another one of those men that can do a lot more than just look (very) good in a picture. I know him more for his singing career then his acting career. Tyrese is also songwriter, author, model, film and TV producer. And there was me thinking we was only in two film franchises; The Fast & The Furious and The Transformers . . . I’m impressed . . . mostly but the muscles and tattoos all that other stuff is interesting too.


41 ~ Gilles Marini

Giles Marini

I know I said that I thought Spanish was sexy, but if Gilles was whispering French words in my ear, I wouldn’t complain at all. Apart from being French, Gilles was in the Sex And The City movie . . . Yes, I know the movie was pretty poor compared to the TV series, but the stand out performance and the one thing that stands out in my mind, was Giles as Samantha’s seriously sexy neighbour! He was also in Brothers & Sisters. But the only thing that really stands out to me and the one thing that I go to watch over and over again is . . . Dancing With The Stars! Gilles was brilliant on Dancing With The Stars, his partner is the luckiest girl on that show, she gets all the hot men, another one will appear later on the list. If he was a dance teacher, I would be one of the first to sign up to his classes.


40 ~ Joshua Bowman

joshua bowman (


OMG Joshua is British !!! I had no idea. He does that American accent really well, take note fake James Bond wanna be! That is how you do a believable accent, it doesn’t matter that you were born in the UK too. Anyway back to Joshua! Clearly he is an awesome actor and for a short time he used to play rugby. So he is dating his co-star, a girl can dream. Wish I had paid more attention to Holby City, Joshua was in that before he went over to American to star in Revenge.

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