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The Davina’s Devilish Delights Sexiest Men Post ~ Part 2

So this is Part 2 of my Men I wouldn’t mind being married to list  . . . I mean the List of Very Sexy Men / My Long Crush List. I admit that some men on this list. I had never heard of till I started my  . . . research for this post. Warning this post contains: Muscles, Tattoos and smiles that can make you a little light-headed.

79 ~ Darren Sharper

Darren sharper

Ok . . . so . . . I am not a fan of any kind of football, the English kind or the American kind, if there is any other kind of football, I just really hate football. When I am forced to watch it, I will kick up a fuss, moan and will not feel sorry for the English player who fakes an injury to get a free pass or kick or what ever! Saying that, I might reconsider if there were a lot more Darren Sharper’s around to keep me entertained!

Taking up the 2nd place for sexiest smile, this American football player has everything that I could want for a future husband . . . I mean man. The sexy smile, the abs! If you haven’t had a chance to really appreciate the abs, take a look now! And he has a tattoo!


78 ~ Ben Cohen


AKA Big Ben! I will be honest, I didn’t know of Ben Cohen before Strictly Come Dancing 2013. But thank you Strictly Come Dancing, you spoil me with the AMAZING dresses that your costume team make within a week, but bringing Big Ben on to the show . . . Thank You. I have to admit, I wasn’t that impressed by Big Ben in the first week or two, but he got a lot better. I think the almost all the women in the UK wanted to dance with Big Ben! Big Ben was the high light of each show to the point of putting a smile on my face and the costume team knew exactly what to put him in . . . like in this picture.


77 ~ Jo Wilfried Tsonga

jo wilfried tsonga

Apparently Jo Wilfried Tsonga is shy . . . when I see Jo on the court, it seems like he come alive on the court even down to his winners celebration at the end of every match he wins. I don’t really get the sense of that much shyness from him. He is SO CUTE doh. Can’t help but love this French Tennis player and that amazing smile.


76 ~ Liev Schreiber


It might be just me (I doubt it) but there is something seriously hot about this man. I have always had this feeling about Liev . . . even in those terrible X-men Movies, but lets not go there. But with the new and AMAZING TV show Ray Donovan, all is forgiven, he is amazing in that show . . . and completely hot!


75 ~ Louis Smith


Aw Louis Smith, am I the only one who felt that he was completely robbed when he got the Silver medal! He should have got the Gold . . . Okay let it go Serena, it was two years ago! But I was SO happy for him and Flavia when they won Strictly! That is when I first thought this man is very sexy . . . and so sweet.


74 ~ Justin Theroux


Isn’t Justin a very good-looking man! And he does more than just date Jennifer Aniston, as well as acting, he is a producer, director and screenplay writer for example, Justin has written scripts for Tropic Thunder, Iron Man 2, Rock of All Ages and the upcoming Zoolander 2 movie. So Justin is a very busy man, but when I think of Justin, I remember him in Charles Angles: Full Throttle . . . his body was amazing in that film, lucky Jennifer.


73 ~ Mark Webber

Mark Webber

Aw, Mark Webber, the second man of my Formula 1 eye candy. I can’t help but swoon at his Aussie accent, love the accent. The tall, dark and chiselled driver, to me is the most manly of the other formula 1 drivers and is best known for is honestly and not holding back his thoughts and feeling, it is what has made formula 1 that bit more interesting, the behind the scenes gossip! Love it. And love Mark Webber. Mark retired from formula 1 at the end of 2013 and will be missed by this fans, I only have only two other eye candies to keep my attention when Mark’s former team-mate is boring me by winning everything. Good Luck with Porsche Mark!


72 ~ Marvin Humes


For me, the only eye candy in the group. I have met the group (again, Selfridges is like a celebrity hub) but Marvin wasn’t with them. I will admit that I was a little sad on hearing that his group JLS were going to split, I was a little sad, thinking that I wasn’t going to see his adorable face again. Thankfully I get to enjoy seeing him on The Voice!


71 ~ Charlie Hunnam


Another actor who I didn’t realise was from the uk! His is stunning isn’t he! Maybe i’ts the fact that he plays a biker on hit series Sons of Anarchy increases the hotness level. I don’t think I need to say anymore, lets just admire this picture for a little longer.


70 ~ Blair Underwood


Although Blair has been acting for many years, the stand out role for me was in Sex and the City as the love interest that Miranda should have chosen over Steve! I admit, I am still heartbroken that Steven cheated on Miranda in the movie! Despite being 49 years old, Blair just seems to not age at all. He has still stayed fine, especially in that suit!


69 ~ Idris Elba


If you don’t know where Idris is from, you better ask somebody . . . or I could just tell you. He is from Hackney, London baby! And easily the best thing to come out of Hackney. I love him mostly because he is an awesome actor (who will hopefully get an Oscar for his role as the amazing legend that is Nelson Mandela). But I have to admit that I found myself distracted when I was watching him in Luther or when I saw him Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, but his body, I’m just going to say this . . . it’s hot!

Aside from acting I also found out that Idris is a producer, singer, rapper and DJ. Idris is very multi talented, he had even co-producer and preformed on one of Jay Z’s Album American Gangster and has appeared in a couple of music videos for Fat Joe and even Angie Stone. I am in awe of this man.


68 ~ Jamie Foxx


Going from one multi talented man to another, Oscar winner Jamie Foxx. Jamie is a really brilliant actor, I still get goose bumps when ever I watch him in Ray. But those goose bumps are nothing in comparison to goose bumps that I get when he sings!

Oh . . .my . . .god . . . he has a BEAUTIFUL VOICE! And in a certain music video, he body . . .wowzers and I never say wowzers! It’s the kind of hotness that make you lose the ability to use actual words.


67 ~ Chace Crawford


For me, the only hot guy in Gossip Girl . . . not the best actor doh, the best actor from that show goes to Jennie in season 1, after that she got a little crazy. But back to Chace, looking back, of cause he was hot in that show, but like Jessie Metcalfe, he looks better now, more manly, especially with that little beard. Ok so I have a thing about a little beard, it makes a difference to how a man looks! Also, not that is clear in this picture, But Chace has seriously blue eyes, swoon.


66 ~ Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves

I have kinda been in love with Keanu since Speed, I am old enough to remember watching him in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures. But it was his role as a cop in Speed that grabbed my attention, also since then, I have been convinced that if me and Keanu couldn’t work out. That Keanu and Sandra Bullock would be the PERFECT COUPLE! I can’t be the only one who think this . . . please don’t leave me hanging on this idea. The were perfect in Speed together and The Lake house!

Anyways . . . apart from being hot, great in The Matrix and has a voice I can’t help but love. Keanu seems to not age at all! For a man who is 49, yes; 49 years old, he looks good and he still knows how to do a bit of kung fu!

Other films that I love Keanu in and have no shame is saying “I buy a lot of films with Keanu Reeves in them” are; A Walk In The Clouds, of cause I have all The Matrix Films (and two of the games), Dangerous Liaisons (VHS and DVD), Point Break, Speed, The Devil’s Advocate, Something’s Gotta Give (if you have not seen Something’s Got To Give . . . Keanu plays a hot doctor, that’s all that needs to be said) and Street Kings.


65 ~ Liam Hemsworth


I am not gonna lie, but for the reason of Age, I prefer his brother, Liam is currently 24 years old . . . can’t wait to see what he will look like when he is 28. But Liam is a very good-looking man. I hope he is a better dancer than his brother . . . in my mind Liam is a great dancer. And for the extra topping on that beautiful cake . . . his is AUSTRALIAN! And we have Liam to thank for his older brother getting the role as Thor . . . Thank you Liam! And thank you to Chris and Liam’s parents for creating two very hot actors and living in Australia to insure that they have seriously hot accents. Thank you!


64 ~ Chris Pine


Doesn’t Chris Pine and Liam Hemsworth look kinda similar . . . I just noticed it myself. This could be what Liam Hemsworth may look like when he is older. Anyway, back to Chris Pine, I loved him in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. I’m mostly won over by his voice, he has this seriously soothing voice, then to put that with this very good-looking man . . . it’s too much already, but take a look at his eyes, amazing! Wish I could have put him closer to the top 20 of this list.


63 ~ Jesse Metcalfe

Jesse Metcalfe

I was in LOVE with Jesse’s character in Desperate Housewives, don’t ask me to tell you what his name in the show was. All I can remember is that he was the HOT gardener and the Eva Longoria is a very luck women! I can’t believe that Jessie is like 35 years old, looks good for his age right. The only other thing that I have seen Jesse is was John Tucker Must Die. And that he dated one of the girls from girls aloud, she was very lucky too . . . wonder what conversations they had.


62 ~ Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson


LOVE this picture! If you are not a tattoo fan, you can still google The Rock and find out why he is on my list. Cause he is muscle exotic hotness!

I will admit, that I used to watch and like WWE Wresting, I watched it for the comical acting and the scripted drama. When Dwayne left WWE, was around the same time I stopped watching, there is only so much dodgy costumes a girl can take. I can’t think of any other WWE star that career has been as successful as Dwayne’s . . . and none of them look as hot as him either.


61 ~ Digby Ioane


This is one of those pictures that I just found on google . . . I know of some Rugby players, but not all of them. He is from New Zealand (swoon) and plays for an Australian team (extra swoon). The Tattoo the six-pack, the arm . . . basically everything about Digby is very hot. Just take some time to admire the picture.


60 ~ Justin Timberlake


I used to have a massive crush on Justin Timberlake, I remember watching his music video for Rock Your Body. There is a part of the video when there are multiple Justin’s . . . my idea of heaven . . . sorry was still thinking about that. I’m gonna try to forget about the times when Justin had that really curly hair, after that he was hot! He can sing, dance . . . erm act. He looks good in a suit and tie doh.

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