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The Davina’s Devilish Delights Sexiest Men Post ~ Part 1

Back in December, my mother and I were watching our favourite guilty pleasure, The Wendy Williams Show. For me, it’s ALL about the Hot Topics, because I’m so busy, it’s turned into the only way that I get my gossip fix. So one evening, we were watching and Wendy is about to let us know who People’s Magazine thinks the Sexiest Man Alive is . . . (spoiler alert if you don’t already know) it is Adam Levine.

“Who is that?!” was my mother’s question, and it wasn’t asked in a way like “he is really good-looking, who is he?” It was in a . . . the best way to describe it is, I’m so not impressed and I have no intention of doing a quick Google search on him. My mother also said “But he looks so scrawny, not like a man’s man”. This list was more of a popularity contest rather than really telling the world Who The Sexiest Man is.

So I thought, I could do a little better than that, and will do some posts on who I think are the Sexiest Men . . . any excuse right. This list is a little long . . . there are a lot of very sexy men in the world.


100 ~ Caleb Followill


Ok, so don’t judge me and think that I’m crazy putting Caleb in my list. The front man of Rock band Kings of Leon, Caleb has an AM . .  A . . . ZING voice. To me that is what really make him sexy, He has the most amazing, beautiful, sexy voice. It is a unique and rough . . . love it

I almost met Caleb. When I worked in Selfridges, yes a lot of celebrities go there. I had the terrible timing of having to go on a lunch break. When I got back, one of my way too happy work colleagues was quick to let me know that I had miss the entire group! I was only upset about missing Caleb and not being able beg him to serenade me . . .

99 ~ Christian Bale


I didn’t realise that he was born in the UK, then went to the US when he was in his teens. I can’t help but find Christian Bale very interesting, I don’t know what it is? I can’t say that he seems like a lovely and friendly guy, We all remember hearing about Christian shouting at a camera man! But there is something kinda sexy about Christian . . . maybe it’s the Batman suit?


98 ~ Matt Damon

Matt Damon1

I love Matt Damon! He is a brilliant actor! He is able to do kick ass amazingness in The Bourne Identity, but the role I remember and stands out the most for me is in The Talented Mr Ripley. A great film, even Jude Law is brilliant in that film. But Matt Damon, for grabbing all the attention in any role he does. But also, Matt seems like a really lovely and normal guy, and lovely normal men that are amazing actors can still be very sexy.


97 ~ Steven R Mcqueen

Steven R Mcqueen (

Well, the cast of The Vampire Diaries are a good-looking bunch, my first and definitely not my last pick of the hot men in that show is Steven R. McQueen. The Vampire Diaries is the only show that I know Steven from, but I did find out that Steven also stared in Piranha 3D . . . No, I haven’t seen that film at all and have no intention of seeing that film. I will be honest and admit that I didn’t really notice Steven before the most recent couple of seasons of Vampire Diaries, can you blame me . . . there are a few other members of that cast that have distracted me . . . But in the last couple of season, he bulked up and got hot! Even better, in the show he had (for a short time) tattoos! I LOVE tattoos!


96 ~ Joseph Morgan


Thank you Vampire diaries again. Honestly, I don’t know what it is about Joseph, but something about him is really sexy. Maybe it’s the dodgy English accent or that his character is really powerful, But like Matt Damon, he has the ability to grab all the attention for whatever scene that he is in. Because I didn’t really know about Joseph Morgan before . . . I just assumed that the English accent on The Vampire Diaries / The Originals was, um . . . fake . . . turns out . . . he was born in London . . . that could be why he says “mate” all the time. But at least his English accent is better than that James Bond wannabe in Revenge, you know who I’m talking about. . . oh, he is from the UK too . . .


95 ~ Nick Wechsler

Nick Wechsler (

Aw speaking of sweet Revenge . . . I’m talking about the TV show Revenge. Apart from the amazing character that is Nolan Ross, the lessons in how to give the Perfect Dirty Look/ Evil Glare and the Victoria Evil Smile. The show knows how to pick a great cast (I don’t count the fake James Bond or the New Takeda) and the sweet and kind character of Jake Porter is played so well by Nick . . . even more so now that his character is now a little evil . . . Nick can do one mean glare, makes him even more hot. I had to add Nick to my list.


94 ~ Hugh Jackman


Because of the X-men and Wolverine films, I was very close to not adding Hugh Jackman to my list at all. Not because I am not a fan of X-men, it was my favourite cartoon growing up and I loved the comic books . . . I hated the first lot of film, it was just wrong on so many levels. But I can’t base the hotness of men because of the film they have been in . . . it was so difficult to put that out of my mind. But, forgetting about those film, Hugh Jackmen is Australian . . . that instantly make him hot right? But Hugh is also a really nice and funny man. . . and he has a beautiful Aussie accent and a beard!


93 ~ Matthew Lewis


It took me a while to figure out where I knew this young actor from. I was like “he looks so familiar”. He looks SO different to how he look in the films he stared in. . . Still can’t remember . . . he was in the Harry Potter films (yes I love Harry Potter, books and the films were brilliant!) . . . as . . . Neville Longbottom! I know! He looks good now, right! And that suit looks amazing on him. When I told one of my friends that I was putting Matthew Lewis in my list, she laughed and said “I have no idea what he looks like now, But he will always be Neville Longbottom to me!” I manged to change her mind a little bit when I showed her this picture.


92 ~ Collins Pennie


Again another actor that I had no idea about until I saw him in that great,(then awful, now a bit better) show Revenge. Collins played her foster home brother. The role was kinda pointless during a low point in the show. But I remained vaguely interested because of this actor and another were fun to look at, at one time, I even had the computer on mute. And no the other actor that I am talking about isn’t the spy boyfriend . . . Why is he even there?


91 ~ Kit Harington


Even when hit show The Games of Throne is over, I will always think of Kit as (say it with the accent) Jon Snow. But I can’t quite describe why, out of all the actors in Game of Throne, Jon Snow is the only one that grabs my attention. Maybe it’s the dark features and the voice, but was I the only one who was heartbroken Jon Snow left what’s her name after the fight. Bad Jon Snow! . . . Still hot doh.


90 ~ Gabriel Macht


For me Gabriel comes under the category of  . . . Suit Porn. I don’t think I say this enough, but I love a man in a suit, and not only is Gabriel in one of my absolute favourite shows called Suit, but he looks A. . . MAZ. . . ING in a suit! Only a few other men on my list, can look as good, if not better in a suit then Gabriel. Other then the suit, not that it shows in this picture, but Gabriel has a beautiful smile.


89 ~ Max Irons


Apparently Max Irons has stared in another bbc show other than The White Queen! I honestly wish I had know about this, so I could have enjoyed more screen time with Max . . . thankfully one of my friends got me The White Queen on DVD for my crimbo gift. And it wasn’t till I was watching an interview of Max Irons with Lorraine Kelly, that I found out his is the son of acting legends Sinéad Cusack and Jeremy Irons, don’t think you will find better acting pedigree then Maximilian. Yes that is his official first name.


88 ~ Robin Thicke

-Robin Thicke

Although Mr Thicke has had . . . lets call it, a controversial year in 2013, it doesn’t take away the fact the he is hot and has a beautiful singing voice. No one else on my list can sing notes so high and so low, with the ability to make a whole crowd of women swoon. Trust me, I have seen it with my own eyes, hell, I was one of those women.


87 ~ Jenson Button


I’ve actually met Jenson, back in my working in Selfridge days, long before I became a fan of Formula 1. One of the girls I worked with was (and still might be) in love with Jenson Button. He came in with a friend, I had no idea who he was, he was so normal, funny and friendly that I thought he was just a normal customer. Until he came over to pay for the items he was buying. Another customer came over, saying that he was a huge fan of Jenson’s and congratulating him on his Championship win. I was thinking ‘who is this guy? Is he famous? I should ask him who he is’ I was so close to saying the words ‘are you someone famous?’ To Jenson Button! Thank god I didn’t! Imagine, that would have been so awkward . . . but I think he could tell from the look on my face that I had no clue he was The Jenson Button and that Jenson Button is actually famous. So later that week, my Jenson Button obsessed friend was telling me about how amazing he is, when she said his name like the fourth time, I said ‘Wait . . . Jenson Button . . . I’ve met him, here, the other day. I think you was off’. It’s fair to say she was a little bit annoyed.

But back to why Jenson on my list, for the very reason that he is so cute, but having actually met him. Jenson is THE nicest guy and really funny and the fact that he was so normal when he came into Selfridge, made it very easy to love him. And he is one of the reasons that I started watching F1.

86 ~ Joseph Gordon Levitt


Joseph Gordon Levitt, doesn’t he look good in a suit too! Joseph is another actor that I just LOVE! I remember watching in popular tv show 3rd Rock From The Sun, but have loved him in film’s like Inception, Looper, 10 Things I Hate About You, (500) Days of Summer and The Dark Knight Rises. He can do serious roles as well as be extremely funny, you have to check out the Saturday Night Live clip Joseph doing a spoof of Magic Mike and another clip I love is Joseph on The Jimmy Fallen Show, lip Sync battle. Both of those clips show very good examples of why Mr Joseph Gordon Levitt is sexy.


85 ~ Brian White


Brian White is one of those men, that just seem to be good at everything! Aside for being hot and having an amazing smile, he can dance, act, is a producer, of cause he is a model. But the levels of amazingness of this man doesn’t stop there, Brian is also a former Lacrosse and American Football player and . . . wait for it . . . a Stockbroker! I don’t think any other man on my list has all that on their resume! Mr Brian is not just a very good-looking man. Sorry ladies, he is already married. But if you want to see his acting abilities, take a look at the brilliant tv show, The Shield and to see how good his dance moves are check out Stomp The Yard.


84 ~ Jesse L Martin


I can remember watching Jesse L Martin, in crazy tv show Ally McBeal. I think he was only in the show for one season, but one of the things that stick out in my mind about this very talented actor is that he can SING! And he can sing really good, he has a beautiful soulful voice. If you was to experience the beautiful voice from this man, I’m sure it must be on youtube, I will just say, that scene was hot! But Jesse is a very talented and experienced actor, he has been on Broadway and has done a lot of work on stage as well as tv, and have been in long running tv show Law & Order. I have heard that Jesse will be in a Biopic as Soul Legend Marvin Gaye, so hopefully we will get experience he amazing sing voice again.


83 ~ Ashton Eaton

NikeFuel Forum

The superman of Athletics, breaking the world record for the decathlon in the 2012 Olympics. Aside from that, he is a very Sexy athlete and kinda makes me wanna go to the gym and start working out if there are men like this constantly in there . . . Look at that smile, how could you not melt.


82 ~ Paul Wesley

paul wesley

Thank you Vampire diaries again, the hit show has brought me so much happiness with all the eye candy that they have in their show. Paul Wesley is the third one on my list. Do I really need to give you reasons of why this man is seriously hot, or would you prefer to take more time staring at the picture . . .


81 ~ Gerard Butler


I love how Gerard Butler can look SO good in a suit as well as out of one. Mostly I’m thinking of the film 300. I loved that film for the history, for the action, for the hotness that only Gerard can create! I’m not into long hairy beards on a man, as you can guess from my list I heart a man with a neat trimmed beard . . . but I can forgive Gerard for that, hell the beard was quickly forgotten because of EVERYTHING else on display . . . I LOVED Gerard in P.S I Love You. He was too sweet in that film . . . Gerard can do no wrong in my eyes.


80 ~ Jason Winston George


I might be totally showing my age here, but I remember Jason being in that weird and crazy soap Sunset Beach! I also loved Jason on a show called EVE and now he is on hit drama and another favourite show of mine Grey’s Anatomy. And yes I was extremely jealous of ‘The Bailey Love Triangle’ in Grey’s with Dr Bailey, Jason’s character and another actor on my list. If only I could have been in that show. Had the hot male nurse and the hot Dr after me. . . um, anyway, the main reason Jason is on my list is; the cheekbones and that ‘make you weak at the knees’ smile of his. If this was the list of ‘Who has the sexiest smile’ Jason would be number 1!


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