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The Davina Devilish Delights Sexiest Men ~ Part 5

The Final Top 20 Men I would love to marry. I think choosing the last 20 was harder the choosing the other 80 men for my list. I have changed the top 20 around so many times! I don’t remember doing anything else on my days off.

One of my friends asked me where Jason Statham was on my list . . . sorry, he is not on my list. Another friend showed me a picture of an actor from Hollyoaks (the one with the dodgy facial hair) sorry his is not on my list also. And if you holding out hope that the boys from One Direction or The Wanted will be on my list  . . . no, no and hell no! I just get the feeling that those boy in those boy bands, spend more time on their hair, then I spend on doing my make up.

No, my last 20 are manly MEN. Tall, muscular and capably of saving you from a burning building kind of men . . . that might just be my little day-dream. Apart from just drooling over pictures, I have been able to find out about many of these men. And I have been surprised and fascinated about them. So will I be doing similar lists in the future . . . Yes. And I hope you enjoy them, just as much as you have enjoyed this one.

20~ Henry Carvill


I remember watching The Tudors, and rather than noticing the very talented Jonathan Rhys Meyers (and all the little things going on in that show) I was distracted by Henry. How could I not be, the chiselled features that only Mark Webber can compete with, the dark hair and those eyes!  . . . Henry is another level kind of hotness! And I was so excited when I heard that Henry was going to be Superman . . . even more excited when pictures of bulked up Henry were leaked. The kind of bulked up that Tom Hardy achieved for The Dark Knight and Bronson  . . . Combined! Amazing levels of hotness, the kind of level that would have put Henry in the top 5 on my list  . . . Then, I saw the movie Superman . . . Yes, I have demoted Henry from top 5 to number 20, all because of that film. It was TERRIBLE! I wasn’t even distracted by the hotness of Henry. Why? Because he was barely topless! Why have Henry reach awesome levels of hotness  . . . and hide it behind a suit! The only suit that it would have been ok to cover all of that up with would have been a fireman’s uniform. Sorry Henry, but blame the writers of that poor excuse for a script . . . Still love him though and he is still in the top 20. It could have been a lot worse; look at Hugh Jackman, even the Aussie accent couldn’t save him.


19 ~ Charles Michael-Davis


Doesn’t Charles Michael Davis look just . . . delicious! I must have first noticed Charles on my favourite TV show, Grey’s Anatomy, he played boyfriend of one of the main character, but was quick to leave Grey’s and went on the The Originals, the spin-off of The Vampire Diaries.

I prefer Charles in The Originals; at least he appears topless at times. Can the makers of The Originals, please just film a couple of episodes in the UK, just to increase my chances of meeting him, just a little bit. I know that plot of the show is that it is set in New Orleans, but just for the sake of increasing my 0% chances to like 1.1%.

In this picture alone, the sexless of Charles just smoulder out of the picture, his lips, his eyes . . . everything! You just have to watch The Originals to really see why Mr Charles Michael Davis is on my list, he is just hot.


18 ~ Laz Alonso

Laz Alonso attends Photocall for 'Breakout Kings' during the 51st Monte Carlo TV Festival on June 9, 2011 in Monaco, Monaco. *** Local Caption *** Laz Alonso

I must be the only person in the world that hasn’t seen Avator, and even though Laz is in the film . . . I can’t tell. Everyone in that film is a cartoon and he is blue . . . But what I do know is that he is one of the angry ones. Maybe if the film had Laz looking like he does in this picture, I might have made myself go and see the film for those 6 hours or however long it is on for, just for Laz. But what I did see Laz in was the (cancelled before it got to the really good part) TV drama Deception. He was a police detective  . . . you know he looked good in that! It left a lasting impression. Laz has appeared in many other film and TV shows like Stomp The Yard, One On One, Entourage, two of the Fast & Furious films, Breakout Kings and Person of Interest. . . I have already added all of the films and TV shows to my online shopping basket (apart from Avator) and plan to watch them all on my next day off  . . . for research of cause.


17 ~ Stuart Reardon


If ever there was going to be another reason for me to really start watching Rugby . . . Stuart Reardon would have to be the number one reason. Stuart is also a fitness model. The tattoo alone is a good enough reason for me that Stuart has to be in my top 20 and omg, he has a smile that actually made me forget how to breathe for about 40 seconds. I don’t know who he plays for  . . . but I plan to find out . . . but so far, I have spent more time on google images then looking for any information.


16 ~ Jesse Williams

Jessie Williams

Jesse has the most stunning eyes  . . . Guess I have a thing. Jesse is in Grey’s Anatomy as hunky doctor Jackson Avery or as I like to call him; Mini Mc Steamy.

Please may he never leave that show!

1. Because it’s brilliant and

2. Because the amazing creator and head genius writer; Shonda Rhimes is great at getting Jesse to appear topless oh so often . . . He has a great body too.

Apart from Grey’s Anatomy, I have also drooled over  . . . I mean, have seen Jesse in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 and my guilty pleasure TV show Greek . . . I think Jesse appeared topless in both the film and TV show, I’ve already have Greek on dvd.


15 ~ Marat Safin


I have been in love with Marat Safin since he came on the tennis scene and beat Pete Sampras. For me there is no hotter tennis player then Russian Marat Safin, yes, for me Marat is hotter the Nadal, Djokovic and so much hotter the Federer!

Marat did retire on 2009 (shed a little tear) but the awesomeness of Marat Safin I just can’t get over. Thankfully there are plenty of pictures of Marat practices on the court . . .  topless, so those will keep me happy.

Marat won 2 major tournaments in his career, beating other tennis greats like; Novak Djokovic, Rodger Federer and Leyton Hewitt all in the same week as he went on the win the Australian Open. He is best known for destroying 1055 rackets, but I remember that smile. He is still involved in tennis working with the Russian Tennis Federation and most recently became involved in politics . . . Hot and smart.

Just look at that smile and Marat’s fiery passion for perfection. I just LOVE him!


14 ~ Antonio Rodrigo Guirao Díaz


Antonio Rodrigo Guirao Díaz  . . . aw I just love his name, Antonio . . . Antonio is an Argentine model and actor and that is literally all I can tell you about him. I just found Antonio on google (damn the search engine is good). Extra bonus, Antonio can play the guitar and sing . . . in my mind he sounds like Enrique Iglesias and Mark Anthony.


13 ~ Daniel Sunjata


I was left with a lasting impression when I first saw Daniel in Sex and the City . . . in a sailor outfit  . . . yum.

Then I was delighted to see him in dark comedy drama Rescue Me in a, wait for it  . . . firemen’s outfit! I know . . . Heaven!

Daniel also appeared in Devil Wears Prada as designer James Holt, This man and all those beautiful designer clothes  . . . Designer Heaven and Hot Man Heaven! And now Daniel is in my new favourite show Graceland as an undercover detective . . . multiple Uniform Heavens all wrapped up in to one!

Daniel is just a stunningly sexy man, his beautiful chocolate-brown eyes, those lips; even the beard is just sexy. . . I don’t understand how I haven’t brought Rescue Me on dvd yet. Have to add it to my wish list. I already have The Devil Wears Prada and Grey’s Anatomy, just need to complete my Daniel Sunjata collection.


12 ~ Eric Dane


Speaking of Grey’s Anatomy, the original Doctor Mc Steamy, Mark Sloan played by the amazing Eric Dane . . . sorry, I keep getting distracted by the picture,

I remember first seeing Eric in another guilty pleasure of mine, TV show Charmed and thinking how lucky actress Alyssa Milano was to get to make out with Eric and Australian actor Julian McMahon.

Unfortunately Eric was in one of those poor excuse of X-Men films (any of the X-Men films that were not X-Men: First Class, was just terrible in my eyes, hated them). But I won’t judge Eric on that, because he was in Grey’s Anatomy for a long time, so all is forgiven.

I love everything about Eric, he has beautiful blue eyes and I just love his voice, that smile  . . . Really miss my Mc Steamy Fix in Grey’s Anatomy though. And I like to think that Mc Steamy and Little Grey are in Grey’s Anatomy heaven together.


11 ~ Ryan Reynolds


Ok, I will put my hand up and admit that I did watch Sabrina The Teenage Witch when I was younger and I liked it  . . . I have even watch the movie. . . A couple of times  . . . and I remember seeing Ryan Reynolds in that movie. But since then my taste in TV show and movies have improved (I promise) and so has Ryan’s role choices too.

Apart from the very obvious reason why I had to have Ryan on my list, what I love most about him; is that he is very funny. A hot man with a great sense of humour has to be very high on my list and a sense of humour can make any man hot.

My absolute favourite Ryan Reynolds movie is The Proposal. I LOVED Ryan and Sandra Bullock together. And (in my mind) if things didn’t work out between Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, then Sandra and Ryan would have been perfect together  . . . then I could have Keanu all to myself  . . . or Ryan Reynolds, I am not at all fussed. Ok that’s a lie; I want Ryan Reynolds all to myself! Plus I honestly think that Sandra and Keanu are better suited, I’m such a good and not at all selfish match maker.  Especially after comparing the two pictures.


10 ~ Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander Skarsgard; My first True Blood Love, it was so hard for me to not put a photo of Alexander with the vampire teeth. True Blood can really pick a good-looking cast, and Alexander was my first crush in that show. I was never Team Bill! Even the sexy way that Bill would say “Sookie” . . . But the second that Eric/Alexander appeared on the show (even with the Adam Rickitt hair style) I was in True Blood Love and would have never complained if Eric wanted to bite me, not that he would need to ask, I would totally offer!

Alexander has also appeared in a few films, I actually cried with laughter when I realised that Alexander was in Zoolander, yes! Alexander is in that Zoolander, you can not miss him, you just have to watch the film again. Alexander has been in lots of other films, I haven’t seen any of them, (sorry Alexander), but I did see the most recent season of True Blood . . . even though it was really bad . . . seriously bad. But I did make sure that I watched it to the very very end, I’m not gonna lie, that took a lot of effort to watch the whole of that season for those 5 seconds at the end of the season . . . Am I the only one who is still a little bit confused by that ending? I know I wasn’t the only one to who watch the whole season for those 5 seconds!


9 ~ Adam Ayash

Adam Ayash

I find it really hard to believe that Adam is only 26 years old, he looks older in this picture. Adam is an American model but was born and originally from Lebanon. You can’t see it in this picture, but Adam has seriously beautiful light brown eyes. Could easily make the North Pole melt.


8 ~ Joe Manganiello


There are two reasons why I had to have Joe in my list; first, Joe is seriously hot! Like omg hot, there are just not enough words to describe how hot he is, hot. And the second, you really will have to do a little bit of research of you own and find the picture of Joe when he was young, do it now . . . have you seen it yet?  . . . I know! You would NEVER guess that that little kid turn into this amazing level of hotness! And another reason why I had to add Joe to my list and why for a long time, Joe was my number 1, his voice  . . . don’t judge me, I like a nice deep voice, and his voice is deep. To truly appreciate Joe’s voice, you have to watch True Blood. Joe plays a werewolf in True Blood (you could not pick a better role for Joe . . . oops I forgot about Magic Mike) and I don’t fancy him when his is a wolf, that would just be weird. But When (in his human for, just to be clear) he growls  . . . omg! It is just hot!


7 ~ Tyson Beckford


I think there are only two men who have really deserve the title Male Supermodel, and Tyson Beckford is one of them and possible the first male supermodel. Tyson has a beautiful mix of Chinese and Afro-Jamaican and of Afro-Panamanian, which has created this seriously hot man. And there are plenty of beautiful tattoos all over Mr Beckford, which I love.

So what make Tyson one of the worlds biggest Male Supermodels; he has appeared in many films and TV show like many Models competition shows, Next Top Model, Project Runway and has appeared in many music videos; the one that sticks out in my mind (although way too brief) Britney Spears Toxic, two videos for Toni Braxton; Unbreak My Heart a beautiful song and video and Tyson look seriously hot in it. And of cause Tyson just happens to make an appearance in Zoolander.


6 ~ William Levy


I will be honest, I didn’t know about this Cuban-American actor till I was going through video of the American version of Strictly Come Dancing. I was watching videos of Gilles Marini dancing with his partner . . . for some kind of research, I can’t remember . . .  when I looked on the side, and I clicked on the next video which had William Levy dancing the Argentine tango to Buttons by the Pussycat Dolls. . . I highly recommend it. Not only is the man hot. He can dance, he has a super sexy accent and he is super-hot in the dance too. Don’t ask me what else this man has done, I simply don’t know, and I know myself too well. If I was to find out, I would forget after staring at him for too long. . . I think he is a soap star . . . see, I’ve already forgotten what I thought he might do.  I was distracted when I looked at the picture and saw the smile, swoon.


5 ~ Nick Auger

Nick Auger

I found Nick on google images, but it was only the image not even a description of what he does, where he is from or most importantly his name! I searched for weeks trying to figure out who this guy is. Was he a fitness instructor . . .  no, despite there being another hot guy who looks kinda like Nick, it wasn’t him. So for a while, I was thinking; could I really add a man to my list, who’s name I don’t even. . .  Yes! But finally, FINALLY I was able to find the name behind the hot man; Nick Auger.

Despite my amazing research skills, I was only able to find out his name and that Nick is a fitness model. But since when would I let lack of information stop me from adding some one of this extreme hotness on to my list.


4 ~ Shemar Moore

Shemar Moore Workout and diet1

I think I first fell in love with Shemar Moore when I saw him in the film The Brothers, and The Young and The Restless. Shemar started as a model, and then quickly got into acting. But after finding out a lot more about Shemar, there is a massive heart behind all those muscles and tattoos, those eyes and his smile and I almost forgot about his voice, the type of voice that could sell ice to an Eskimo. I currently drool over Shemar in TV show Criminal Minds  . . . he doesn’t really wear a police uniform, but I like to pretend that he does.


3 ~ Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder_

Ian Somerhalder is the only other Vampire that I would let have a quick bite on my neck. You might recognise him for the only good season of Lost, try to push that from your mind, because he was kind of annoying in the role. But, it is well worth drooling over while watching The Vampire Diaries. In that role he is brilliant and very cheeky . . . epic swoon. Maybe it’s because of the eyes. I have to admit, on Vampire Diaries, I am always Team Damon! Mostly because of the seriously sexy, cheeky smile and those stunning grey eyes . . . who needs to be compelled when eyes like his are looking at you.


2 ~ Michael Ealy

Micheal_ Early.

My name is Serena and I clearly have a thing for beautiful eyes. Just when you thought you couldn’t see more stunning eyes that Ian Somerhalder, I have to throw the gorgeous Michael Ealy in to the mix. Michael has sky blue eyes, if you were wondering. If you feel the need to see a video version of why this man is so hot, just watch Beyonce’s Halo video, or The Barbarshop . . . just buy the dvd of the Barbarshop, it will be worth it.

What makes Michael hot enough to make it to number 2 on my list; have you seen this picture of Michael, take another look. Of cause his eyes, but he also has amazing lips, he is just sexy!


1 ~ David Gandy

David Gandy_2 David Gandy GQ Taiwan March 2014

No, it is not Hugo from Made In Chelsea! But is it just me or do they do look very similar. My Number 1 is David Gandy, I know I even surprised myself  . . . no tattoos and no Aussie, Spanish or Italian accent! But all of those can easily be forgiven because he is from and still live in the UK! Increasing my chance of meeting him a lot more than Michael Ealy or William Levy! Although I can completely imagine a seriously sexy tattoo on David’s arm . . . back  . . .  or on that six-pack!


What can I say, I’m a Gandy girl. I don’t think there is a man more hot than Mr David Gandy. I can’t be the only one that remembers the first Light Blue Dolce and Gabbana advert, you know the advert; in the beautiful Italian ocean, a little white boat floating in the middle of it. And suddenly from the beautiful sky blue sea, appears David Gandy and his sky blue eyes, looking all kinds of sexy in some tiny little swimming trucks, doing a way better version of what Daniel Craig did in one of the James Bond movies. Ever since that ad, I have not been able to get those sky blue eyes out of my mind. After a while you notice everything else and there is a lot to notice.

If you didn’t know already, I will say it again; I love a man in a suit, and no other man looks better in a suit then David Gandy . . . he look seriously good out of one also.

David Gandy's Eyes David James Gandy

A couple more reasons why I am so in love with David Gandy are, he has a very big heart. David is the celebrity ambassador for Battersea Cat’s and Dog’s home and also has a charity call Blue Steel Appeal, raising money for Children in Need’s for Red Nose Day. And David has also run in the London Marathon to help raise money for Oxfam.

And apparently David can cook; now I’m not really sure if this bit of information is correct. I would need an invite to dinner to confirm this information, I’m free any time David.


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