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Welcome to London Victoria Secrets . . . Finally.

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I remember visiting America, going to Miami Florida for my 18th birthday, it was 2 weeks of pure shopping, one of the best holidays I have ever had.  One of the highlights was discovering Victoria Secrets, not really for the lingerie; to be honest I didn’t buy any. I was too in love with the lotions, shower gels and body sprays. My mother and I spent over an hour just trying all the different scents, trying to figure out which ones we liked from the ones we loved. My personal favourite is Amber Romance, it smells simply delicious and I ended up buying everything in the range.

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When we came back home to the UK, I couldn’t stop going on about the all the product, willing people to say how lovely I smelled and ask me what it was. After a while of using only my new favourite fragrance, I knew I had to search for a place to top up my new addiction. I started searching in all the local department store  . . . nothing. Looked in Selfridges, Harrods, everywhere to try to find a Victoria Secrets store or somewhere that sold something, anything from Victoria Secrets . . . nowhere. It wasn’t available anywhere in the UK  . . . apart from the airport. I don’t fly much and booking a flight to somewhere, just so I would be able to get to duty-free, to turn around and go back home, seemed a bit desperate.

Once, I was so desperate, I tried to order the product online from America and have it shipped over, but for some kind of security reason, wasn’t allowed to do that. I felt like I was never going to get my Amber Romance fix.

The only thing I could do was wait and ask family and friends to buy it for me whenever I found out that they were either leaving the country or going to the states. After a while they all seem to stop going on holidays  . . .  all of them, everyone I knew.

Finally, after 9 years and Victoria Secrets have finally opened not one, but two stores in London, one is located on New Bond Street and the other in Westfields Stratford.

But I don’t understand what took so long; didn’t they see how well Starbuck was doing? Yes it is a bit random to mention a coffee place compared to underwear, but you see my point.

And for so long, I heard rumours from people saying that they had seen a Victoria Secrets in the UK. I was seeing people in the street carrying the little pink stripped bags, after  a while I stopped going up to random strangers begging them to let me know where they got the bag from. Then the rumours started about stores opening in London, think I celebrated with chocolate cake that day. Finally the countdown is over; I’ll be making a visit very soon, but I think my bank might get a little suspicious about me constantly buying things from only one shop . . .  to hell with it, let the Amber Romance fix commence.

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