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The Winter Project ~ Nail Polish

I remember when one of my friends first introduced me to the Barry M Black Croc effect Nail varnish, I was amazed. The genius that created this product. When she asked if she could apply it to my nails, I jumped at the chance . . .  For anyone that hasn’t tried applying this particular nail effect vanish, to plain non vanished nails  . . . well . . . it looks like . . . really really sick or off nail vanish. We both looked at my nail as if it was the nails fault. Of cause it wasn’t, but I quickly learned that you have to read the instructions on every new product that you try and that I should be so fast to just try anything.

Barry M polish

This didn’t stop me from going a little nail polish crazy. It helps that I have friends who are very good at doing nails, even down to the little designs and one that is able to do great designs on her own nails.


Unfortunately, all my usual go to nail polishes are either dangerously close to empty or just plain old and should have seriously been thrown out years ago. Most of them are boots or superdrugs own nail polish product. But found these didn’t last very long.


OPI 18K Gold & Silver Nail Polish

But when I found out about Barry M, It has become the only one I buy. It has a great range of colours and still a really great prices. So I don’t feel like I could have brought an item of clothes for the same price are a nail vanish. Unlike OPI’s range, OPI is a great product, but for me, it’s too pricey for what it is. Barry M’s products can cost up to £5 . . . I could still buy at lot of chocolate for that price, but feel a lot less guilty the second I leave the shop. With OPI . . . The most you could pay for one of their Mariah Carey Pure 18k White Gold and Silver Nail polish is £30 . . . Yes, I typed the price correctly and you read it right £30. And let’s not forget the 18k white gold and silver. It is the single most expensive nail polish in the UK. There are other Nail polish that are close. But the one that I could find on Harrods and Selfridges website, which is the same price as the Dior nail polish, and it had two nail polish, also in Gold and Silver. . . No, the Dior nail polish does not have 18k of gold or silver in it, I checked.  But  . . . that is too pricey for polish  . . .


Barry M Green Polish

I’m very happy to stick with the Barry M range of Nail polishes. They have a huge range of different colours, I tend to stick with the blue, reds and sometimes a bit of gold and silver. I’m also getting into the polishes from Nail Inc (mostly because I got them free with a magazine) the silver polish is from this month’s Glamour magazine.

IMG-Nails Inc Polish

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