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I have to confess something  . . . I am very lazy when it comes to Make Up. I barely wear make-up most days. The most I will put on is BB Cream.

I used to wear a full face of make-up back when I used to work in Selfridges. Mostly due to Mystery Shop-Gate! But I would leave my home early, to get to work very early, just so I could spend 15 minutes putting on make-up before work. But back then, my job was a tiny bit commission based, so working on the men’s floor  . . . that kinda involves flirting, just a tiny amount . . . My job now . . . is totally different, more running around, heavy lifting (now you see why I have to do dances for the lottery gods!)

So for the average work day, I just put on BB Cream, it does the same job and it is also meant to be good for you skin. But when I go out, Foundation is the go to product.

BB CREAM for SleekSleek BB Cream

Foundation is great for giving all over coverage and the appearance of even skin tone, giving the effect of a perfect complexion. God knows what most of the celebrities (the men as well as the women) would look like without it.

The biggest mistake that anyone can make with foundation is getting the wrong colour. Getting a colour that is too light or too dark, just looks plain awful. If you watched Big Brother UK 2013, one person that pops to mind is Gina. Loved her, but hated her make-up, for her skin tone it was far too yellow or gold, especially if she was active throughout the day.  She should have gone for a more chocolate or walnut colour. It’s like a sin to make-up, just don’t follow the same path. . . Please.

Foundation can come in different forms:

Liquid Foundation ~ this is good for medium coverage and is very easy to apply. I just put a little on the back of my hand and dot the foundation around my face. Then I smooth it all over my face and across the jaw line until the entire face is covered. You can also use a sponge, but when I’m rushing in the morning’s fingers can be quick and easy.

BB Cream ~ Blemish Balm this comes in liquid form also, Light to Medium coverage. This can be applied just like the liquid foundation

Compact Foundation ~ This is the type of foundation that I love to use, it have medium to high coverage. Plus it is easy to carry around in my bag and re-apply when needed. To apply you can use the powder puff that comes with it, but I like to use a foundation brush. Just get a little of the foundation on the brush and apply to face, making sure to get an even coverage around you face and jaw line.


 Powder ~ I use pressed powder just to set the liquid foundation, helps to give full coverage to my complexion and helps to keep my skin matte.


Here are some more tips:

Don’t be afraid to test foundation on your skin ~ If you are planning on picking a foundation without the help of a beauty consultant. Make sure you try the colours that you think are close to you skin tone on your cheeks or forehead, have a look at in natural light and go with the one that like the perfect match of your skin tone. If you are being helped by a beauty consultant, and you don’t think the colour looks right or matches well, it is OK to say “thank you, but no”. It is sad, but few beauty consultants may just want to sell you the wrong product, just to get the sale. The point is the get the perfect colour matching foundation for your skin tone, not the closest one from that particular brand, if it isn’t perfect, move on to the next brand.

There are many foundations now, which not only work for coverage. But work for you skin type, so look out for the foundations that will work best for your skin type. If you have dry skin, look for a foundation that can help to keep you skin moisturised. Oily skin, look for a foundation that can help to keep you skin matte. Normal skin, there are foundations that can help to give your skin a glow.

If you have oily skin, invest in Blotting Paper. Blotting paper just absorbs the oil from your skin, without ruining you make up.


Try using some kind of Primer before applying the foundation. It can really help to give a smooth and clear appearance to your skin, giving the foundation and great foundation to work with. The one I use is from Bobbi Brown is filled with great ingredients, I put it on even if I don’t plan on wearing make-up.

Bobbi Brown Face Base IMG-20130911-00856

I have never put make up on my neck, and found out from my friend who is a make-up artist, that you shouldn’t apply make-up to your neck. You shouldn’t have to do this if you have the perfect colour foundation for your skin tone. If you don’t have the perfect colour foundation and you have left your neck make-up free (as it should be). If people see under your jaw line or neck, it is very easy to see that the perfect complexion and skin tone on your face that you have created, doesn’t match the jaw line or the neck. Again I refer to Gina from Big Brother.

The products that I use:

Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base £37.50

Bobbi Brown Oil-Free Even Finish Compact foundation in Warm Walnut £31.00

Sleek Blemish Balm in Medium £8.99

Clinique Superbalanced Powder Make-up

Bellapierre Mineral Foundation in Chocolate Truffle £34.99


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