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The So Project ~ Eye shadow

I know I have been talking a lot about making sure that your make-up looks as natural as possible, that make-up should enhance your looks. When it comes to Eye shadow . . . eye shadow is not really a natural looking type of make-up.


It is amazing for making your eyes really stand out, can really make a change to your whole face. What I love the most about eye shadow is that it come in all the colours that you could possibly imagine. And it can come in matte and super sparkly. The best advice that I can give is to experiment and see what works for you and enhances your natural beauty.

Eye shadow, like all make-up can come in different forms Powder being the most popular Mousse I think is probable the second most popular, Pencil Eye shadows are now available. Also, I didn’t realise this but, Eye shadow can also come in Liquid form.


With Eye shadow the colours used tend to be one light colour, then a medium colour and a darker colour.

How To Apply ~ If you wanted to, you can add Primer to the mix. Not only are there primers that can go under Foundation and has the ability to make your make-up look flawless. There are Primers that go over you eye lips to make sure that the Eye shadow can be applied smoothly and more importantly looks as flawless as if you just applied it minutes ago, hours later. To apply the primer, use a tiny amount on the top of your eye lids and gently rub into the skin.



Brushes ~ I know, I might have gone on about how important it is to invest in Brushes . . . And I’m not gonna stop now. If you get a great set of Brushes, and treat them well and clean them regularly, they will last ages. But having done a quick look on a well-known department store, there are so many Brushes that can be used for eye shadow Angled Brushes, Blending Brushes Smudge Brushes, Angled Shading Brushes, Contouring Brushes, Smokey Brushes . . . the list is beyond endless. You really don’t need all of them, honest. The ones that you might want to invest in an Angled Brush, Smudge Brush, Blending Brush and a Small Domed Brush, which is great for the crease of the eye and applying.


To actually apply eye shadow, I could give you really detail step by step guide of apply eye shadow. But I think with eye shadow, it is better to see how to apply it. There are SO MANY youtube video that are filled with excellent tips and detail ways of applying eye shadow, picking the colours that blend well together. My favourite is Make-up Geek, I would highly recommend checking out her videos.


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