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The SO Project ~ Eyeliner

Whenever I think of Eyeliner, I can’t help but think of Cleopatra, In any picture that can be seen of her, the Eyeliner is the part that stands out to me, almost giving a look of cats eyes.

Eyeliner can come in many different forms: The Pencil, Gel and Liquid.

eyeliner images

Eye pencils ~ This is the most commonly used Eyeliner and nothing beats a classic. The Pencil Eyeliner can be applied to the eye lid as well as the lower lid. To apply ~ using small short strokes, take the pencil just above your eye lashes, start in the middle and draw a short line over it. When you get to the outer corner of the eye, you can draw a small flick. Then back to the middle to the inner part of your eye making sure the line gets thinner as you get to the inner corner. If you chose to line the bottom part eyes, you should gently pull down and carefully draw a thin line all the way to the corner of your lower lid.

MAC pencil Eyeliner


Gel Liners ~ Gel Liners are almost as easy to apply as the Pencils and have great staying power. To apply ~ use a Eye Liner Brush, these should be really thin and fine. The Gel Liner usually comes in a small pot. And apply the same way as the pencil.

Bobbi Brown Gel Eye Liner

Liquid Liners ~ Compared to the Pencil and the Gel Liners, the liquid Eye Liner is more tricky to use and it sets very quickly. So for that reason, I recommend getting a Liquid Liner that has an easy to use and firm brush, which can be more precise. Liquid liner is great for the top part of your eyes, but don’t use is on the lower lid. It can be applied the same was as previous liners, start in the middle, then with short strokes work your way to the outer corner, then to the inner corner of your eyes. Remember the Liquid Liner sets very quickly, so take your time applying it, if you make a mistake, then use a little bit of eye make-up remover with a cotton bud.

If you want to use the Gel Liner, make sure that you invest in a good Eyeliner Brush. There are many on the market that are small with a slightly wide brush and some with a really thin brush. It depending on what effect you want to go for; the thicker application or precision. Rather than paying money for two, try this one from Lancome, has a brush for Eyeliner and for Eye Shadow

Eye-Liner-Brush Bobbi Brown

Eyeliner Brush Lancome

The Products mentioned on the post:

Lancome Dual Ended Eye Shadow & Gel Eyeliner Brush No.24 £18.00

MAC Eye Pencil £14.00

Long Wear Gel Eyeliner £17.50
Bobbi Brown Eyeliner Brush £22.00

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