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The SO Project – Concealers

Concealer is one of those products that I have to have in my make-up collection. A lot of my acne scars have gone thanks to another product, but I do have dark circles under my eyes. So, in my books Concealers are like a magic wand that can hide scars and marks. I tend not to use Concealer on any blemishes, because I feel is make the blemish more obvious. But if you feel like you would like to conceal blemishes, many make up brands have blemish or touch up sticks that are really good for that.

Creamy Corrector
Creamy Corrector

I wouldn’t recommend just going out and picking anything from a beauty isle, if you are going to use a concealer. Ask a beauty consultant to help you choose the right shade. But if you want to go at it alone, I would advise getting a Concealer that is a Shade lighter than you skin tone. The Concealer that I use has a slight hint of Yellow undertone to the colour, which works for my skin tone. It really works with hiding any of the marks or scars. So asking an expert what shade you need with save a lot of embarrassment. Try to avoid looking like some of the celebrities who have white power under their eyes, not the most attractive look.

How To Apply:

I first use the Bobbi Brown Corrector; the colour that I use is the Very Deep Bisque. I use a small brush and a little amount of the Corrector and apply to the under my eyes and as close to my lashes as I get, also making sure I get to the corner of my eyes. Then I take one of my fingers and lightly dab the area that I have applied the make-up, this helps to blend the make up in to my skin.

Creamy Concealer
Creamy Concealer

Then I get the Creamy Concealer again using the small brush and light apply it around the eye area again using my finger to pat the make-up to give a more natural look. Then with a face powder and a larger brush, I lightly powder around the eye area, this help to set the make-up. Then I apply the rest of the make up to my face.

Sheer Loose Powder
Sheer Loose Powder

The Products That I Use:

Bobbi Brown Corrector in the Very Deep Bisque £18.50

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Golden £18.50

Bobbi Brown Sheer Loose Powder £25.00

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