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The SO Project ~ Bronzer

Of all the make-up in the world, I think Bronzer is the only one I haven’t used. A complete Bronzer virgin. I know what you must be thinking, How can I have never used Bronzer?

As you may have guessed from previous beauty/make-up post, my skin tone is Coco, Carmel or Bobbi Brown warm walnut. I just didn’t think I needed to use Bronzer. I even did the unthinkable. . . I ignored the trusted beauty consultants when they said that I could use Bronzer, thought of it as a waste of money . . . I’m already bronzed!

But, when I spoke to my friend who is a make-up artist. She insisted that Bronzer can be used by everyone, it can do the obvious of giving skin a sun-kissed look. It can also be used for contouring and highlighting. It also comes in different finishes, Semi Matte, Matte, Satin as well as Shimmer.

Want to know what other advice she gave me, then read on;

Don’t go too dark – You don’t want to look too much like an oompa loompa, or like someone from TOWIE. Those looks were never good or in fashion so avoid going more then two shades darker then your natural skin tone. The look is sun-kissed, not Tangoed.

Bobbi Brown, Bronzing Powder ~ £27.00
Bobbi Brown, Bronzing Powder ~ £27.00

Brushes – If you can, get a Bronzer Brush, I would always advise getting a good quality brush for each make-up stage. The Bronzer Brush is usually wider, has a rounded tip and the brush itself is very soft. But if not, a Blusher will do just as good a job.

Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush ~ £ 38.00
Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush ~ £ 38.00

How to Apply – Apply to the areas of your face where the sun hits it naturally. Apply a little bronzer to the brush and tap any excess, it is important to keep the brush dry, to avoid any streaking of bronzer, so don’t blow on it. Start from the top of your forehead, dust around the cheeks and then down to the jaw line. Imagine drawing the number 3 on each side of you face. For Bronzer, it is OK to apply a little and blend down your neck.

Shimmer & Sparkle – If you feel like you want to add some shimmer to the sun-kissed look. Look for your cheekbones and apply the shimmer bronzer underneath them. You can also apply it along the bridge of your nose to highlight. The shimmer can also help you to look more fresh look . . . and it sparkles.

Bobbi Brown, Bronze Shimmer Brick ~ £32.00
Bobbi Brown, Bronze Shimmer Brick ~ £32.00

When you have finished applying Bronzer, make sure you check the results in natural light, you will be amazed how different you face can look when you have applied make-up in artificial or shade, compared to natural light.

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