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The SO Project ~ Blusher

While I used to work at Selfridges, my assistant manager was . . . a complete flirt, not with me, but many others, it was so entertaining. He was tall, dark with the biggest smile, it was blinding. And I have to say, he loved his clothes, no one else took more pride in their appearance. I remember one girl who really liked him, she would constantly visit, and it was easy for her cause she worked on the same floor. He would also often go off, telling no one where he was going . . . But you could see it all over his shirts, or T-shirt . . . No, not from that. She would hug him whenever they saw each other and left a good couples of layers of half of her face on his shirts. Including a large pink spot of her blusher. The lesson, that I learned from her was; if you’re gonna hug a designer addict, put your hand between their expensive clothes and your face. Especially if you want to keep your little romance a secret. And the people who work with the designer addict, never tell him that someone left half their face on his shirts.



Like Bronzer, Blusher is one of those make-up products that I wasn’t sure that I really needed to use. But now I know and can see the difference that it can make. If you don’t feel like you need to or want to use Bronzer, then you should add Blusher to you make-up routine. It can really give warm glow to the faces and youthful look, to all skin tones.

Don’t go for anything too bright. Remember, make-up is there to enhance your looks, so the more natural looking the better.



What shade of Blusher to go for ~


For Light or Fair skin tone, go for a colour that you cheeks go naturally, say if you have just finished light exercising or how your cheeks appear after being outside when it’s cold. Look for an Apricot or light pink or even a rose colour.


For Medium skin tones, a pinker colour can look really good and give a warm glow.


For Olive skin tones, a more amber colour can look stunning, gives a healthy and subtle glow.


Darker skin tones, need a colour that give a warm glow, so a more orange/red, apricot and pink colours can do that.


Powder, Liquid or Cream ~ Blushers come in different forms, But it depends on your skin type. The Powder is the most recognised and popular form of Blusher. Powder is good for all skin types, but is better for combination to oily skin. Blusher also comes as a cream, this is good for dry skin types. And there are some Liquid Blusher, these are good for Oily skin.


How to Apply ~


Powder ~ Use a Blusher Brush, add some of your chosen blusher. Lightly tape the brush, to get rid of any excess. Give a gentle smile so that the apples of your cheeks stand out and apply the blusher.

bellapierre blusherBellapierrie

Cream ~ Use two fingers and get a little amount of the blusher and smooth over the apples of your cheeks and blend.

Bobbi Brown BlusherBobbi Bown Blusher

Liquids & Gels ~ The good thing about some Liquid Blusher or Gel Blusher is that you can use them on your lips, you can’t get a better match. For the Liquid Stains or Tints just take the applicator and stroke across the apple of your cheeks and blend in. For Gels, add a tiny amount to the back of your hand and dab a little of on the apple of your cheek and blend. Liquid and Gel blushers dry quickly so blend the colour in as quickly as you can. You can add more layers if you want, but remember to try keep it natural.


If you think you have added too much colour or have apply to much in areas you didn’t want to, you can just use your foundation brush to help blend down the brightness or blend away any mistake.

Products I use:

Clinique Blushing Blush Powder, the one shown in this post came from a Bonus Time Gift set

Bellapierre Mineral Powder Blusher £29.99

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Cheeks & Lips £19.00

Benefit Benetint Cheeks & Lips Rouge £24.50

Picture source – House of Fraser


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