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Is This The Answer To All Your Skin Problems?

C-Infusion The Ultimate Vitamin C from Dermaquest Skin Therapy

I heard somewhere that Vitamin C and E are meant to be very good for the skin. That might have been why I honestly thought that after trying one of those expensive products for my skin. I would be singing the praises and would be subjecting my credit card to ridiculous amount of spending abuse, the likes of which, it has never experienced. But it would have been sacrifices that I would totally make and never look back.


At work, I and other members of the team I work with, always have different samples to give customers. We usually give without the customers knowing it, sometimes giving them 4 or 5, mostly they go in the bin.

But one day a customer came and whispered, if we had anymore to give away. The way she did it, was almost like she was asking for the drugs. “It’s amazing, do you have anymore? My skin felt softer in days, how many do you have back there?” I dug one out of the bin when she wasn’t looking and gave it to her . . .  it was still clean and unopened . . . honest.

That’s when I started to think, I might have to try one of them.

That’s when I started my secret collection of these little samples. Giving customers their receipts and distracting them with the returns, policy while tucking one, or in many cases two of these samples in a draw. One customer went away to try shoes on, I pretended to put the rubbish in the bin and slipped the sample in the draw. When the customer returned he asked about the small white tube, I played dumb “what tube sir?. . .  oh, sorry, I put that in the bin . . . did you want me to fish it out for you?” the customer shakes his head, then thanks me for my help and walks off with his girlfriend. I do a little dance behind the till to celebrate my win, another one to add to the collection.

But I didn’t realise that I wasn’t the only one keeping a little stash, one of the girls I work with, had already tried them and was desperate for some more. My mind was again made up . . . I had to try them now.

But first there is always research, how much does the real version cost, will it work on oily skin? Would the tiny staff discount that I get, make a dent in the cost of this? If it is as amazing as everyone (the two customers and member of the team) says it is, I might not have to spend so much money on all the other stuff I buy for my face . . . turns out, it’s for all skin types and it’s like £76!


Now, I like my face, but I like shoes, bags and chocolate more. Finding out the price, made me think that it could go to other things like a Gucci purse, or two pairs of shoes from New Look or more importantly chocolate.

That didn’t stop me trying it though  . . . I had to.

Turns out, it was an epic fail. I was totally disappointed, not because after sneaked all of these samples from customers (mostly of them were men, so please don’t judge me). But that I had promised my work colleague that I would give her all of my stash, if it didn’t work for me . . .  you saw the first pic, it was a pretty decent collection.

To add insult to injury, it made my skin even oiler and brought back the adult acne that I thought I had banished for good. It took me 2 weeks to get my skin back to a decent condition that allows me to eat a good amount of chocolate, without it being obvious.

This may have been an epic fail for me and that this doesn’t work for oily skin, but it might work for other skin types. The customers and my work colleague didn’t really need this product. Both said that they felt and noticed a difference in a couple of days. But, they all already look youthful. I still have no idea how old the women I work with is, she looks like she could be in her early 30’s, but only just. Did I mention she has a daughter that is almost 18 years old, they honestly look like they could be sisters. The customer that I remember, looked like she could be in her late 20’s. They have good genes already; I don’t think they really needed anything else.

The search for the elusive does-it-all product continues.


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