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So the other day at work, I got a little treat. For all my hard work (mostly based on a loyal customer who likes me) I had a good week of sale, the Beauty manager had asked for the person that had the best sale, to come downstairs for a free beauty treatment. I don’t know what would have happened if it had been one of the men on my department had done so well.

To be honest, my first thought was ‘ . . . But I have make-up on, and I didn’t bring anything to re-apply all my hard work’. But after some deep thoughts, that took about 45 seconds, I realised, why am I saying no to free-ness? A free message and see what their product are like . . . Why not!

The Free Girts that came with my purchases
The Free Gifts that came with my purchases

Before I knew it I was downstairs at the Clarins Counter being introduced to very polite beauty consultant for my 15-20 minute treat. To be honest, it was also a way for the Clarins counter to show that they do beauty treatment; I don’t think they usually do this type of thing on the shop floor. I can only assume that it would have been amazing if it was located in one of their beauty rooms. The quite settings and that low relaxing music that they put on to help you relax.

Eye Contour Gel £29

First the Beauty consultant asked me about my skin, what I used on it, how often I exfoliate. I have oily skin, so everything that she used on my face is designed for that skin type.

The beauty consultant first used the Clarins Exfoliating Cleanser to get rid the make-up, dead skin and other fairly gross skin stuff. Then applied the Toning Lotion to make sure my skin was clean and ready for the mask.

I find it SO important to actually listen to a Beauty consulting they always tell you a lot of useful information about what you should and shouldn’t do to and for your skin. For example I found out that I should be exfoliating my skin twice a week rather than the 3-4 time that I had been doing, also that if you are going to put on a mask exfoliate first, then the mask is able to it work better.

I had to get the Pore Minimizing Serum £23

The beauty consultant then put the Pure and Radiant Mask on and left it on for what must have been 5 minutes. After taking the mask off, she put on the Pore minimizing Serum, a product that I am considering buying after the next pay-day. And then the Hydra Matte Lotion to Moisturiser

Afterwards, I noticed that my skin felt soft and my T-zone wasn’t oily till hours later . . . Would I give up on my usual Clinique product and switch to this. . . I am tempted to try it for a month.

If, like me, you like to get  a free gift or two with your purchase, House of Fraser currently have an offer where you can buy two items from their range (one of them will need to be from their skin care range) you can pick four free gifts! And if you are won over by another product and decide to buy three products, you can pick an extra free gift.

 My little tip, is don’t buy it online, you will get a free gift or two, but you won’t get to choose the free gifts. So if you’re in your 20’s like me, a product that helps to hide wrinkles is not high on my wish list. So going to the store, hearing about the products and what will benefit you and your skin is a must. Plus the advice from a beauty consultant is priceless, and it is easy to forget about advice that you get through the years. And let’s face it, your skins needs do change for each season and each year.

One piece of beauty advice I haven’t forgotten is: if you are trying a new product, it can take 4 week to really notice a difference . . . yes, 4 weeks, so don’t give up if after a week, give a bit more time.

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